Debbie Simpson’s new book presents ancient knowledge once known, forgotten and revealed once again.

If you thought her first book was amazing, this one is going to blow your socks off.

Debbie Simpson’s new book The Butterfly and I – Notes from God is packed with esoteric aphorisms given to her through the unspoken word. Words of encouragement that create a beautiful symphony of love songs designed to uplift humanity.

After raising a storm with her first book Dark Brown Lies – The Truth Behind the UPS Lies, Debbie Simpson is back again with her new book. The upcoming book leads with a spiritual spin and offers a remembrance about an ancient truth – You Are Dearly Loved.

The Butterfly and I is now available for pre-order. This limited Collector’s Edition will be barcode free. Only 100 First Edition copies are being offered.

“I am so excited to announce the upcoming launch of my second book ‘The Butterfly and I – Notes from God’. The Butterfly is an ongoing collection of Notes from God that assures a positive, enlightening and thought provoking read. The world needs to know the truth about who they really are in relation to what they’ve been told and my new book is all about that,” stated Debbie Simpson.

The Butterfly and I explores various realms that still baffle humanity leaving us in pursuit of their true meaning. Here the author has touched on the subjects of love, life, light, space, craft, DNA, spirit, time, God, dimensions and many subjects that we haven’t been able to fully comprehend. Interestingly, the book has strived to answer many unanswered questions like: What is the spark of Light? or What is the spark of Life?

Debbie’s new book contains 11 chapters and each chapter enlightens the reader with revelations of crucial concepts. Aphorisms are short and concise general truths or principles. One such aphorism from The Butterfly and I is: “You can put God’s charge on credit. You would then show a positive charge.” or “Spirit is At Will. Most humans are At Cause.” or “The Before Life is where WE reunite and where YOU leave from on your next journey back into physical reality.” or “You can be Nowhere or Now-here.”

Debbie Simpson is a Vietnam Era Veteran who had served in the Air Force starting in July of 1974. Trained as an Airframe Repair Specialist on the F111A, she was the first female in the sheet metal shop at Nellis AFB. Ms. Simpson worked for several airlines before joining UPS where she spent 19 years of her aircraft maintenance career. She turned author with her first book Dark Brown Lies and is soon to release her second book. Sometimes from great pain comes great wisdom. The Butterfly transformed that darkness into Light.

The Butterfly and I is a gift that needs to be shared.

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