Deaf Actress Does Not Let Disability Stop Her from Acting in Films, Television, and Commercials

Actress Patty Dwyer
Utah actress Patty Dwyer loves acting, and it shows. She has well over 20 years of experience performing in theater, television shows, movies, and commercials.

Salt Lake City, Utah (November 24, 2014) — Actress Patty Dwyer’s deafness has never discouraged her or prevented her from finding opportunities to work. She has a unique accent and can authentically play the role of a deaf character, knows American Sign Language and the deaf culture. But she can easily portray any character without difficulty.

She was most recently in the film “The Christmas Dragon” and “The Man on Carrion Road” as well as being a regular on the television show “Day Zero.” She has appeared in commercials, theatrical shows, and has been a model.

“I worked with Patty in “The Christmas Dragon” as well as in a cell phone commercial. She is a wonderful actress and makes it fun and enjoyable on set, even though we often work 10 or 12 hours a day,” said actor Dave Bresnahan (

“Patty is a wonderful actress, and adds a wonderful sense of happiness to any production set. She is always smiling and so very easy to work with. She is not completely deaf, so it is not actually difficult for a director to work with her. She’s actually much easier to work with than other actors who have no disability. She’s just great to have as a member of the cast on any project,” said Troy Lee of Craze Talent Agency (

Dwyer has never stopped trying to improve her skills and talents. She has a degree in humanities from Daemen College, and has taken acting classes and workshops over the years to improve her skills and abilities. She also has additional training in dance, music and has also worked behind the camera in various crew positions.

“I know that I need to practice, and learn all the time if I want to continue to become an even better actress. Just like an athlete trains in a gym every day, I believe an actor or actress must practice their craft every day if they want to improve, so that is what I do,” said Dwyer.

She is a natural to be cast in the role of a deaf person, because she knows American Sign Language and knows how to perform authentically in that role. However, she can just as easily perform in any role without difficulty.

“Acting is what I do best, and it is something that I enjoy. I am grateful for any role that I am able to pursue, whether it is as a background actor, a featured role, or leading role. I am just grateful for the opportunity to put my talents to use in a way that brings happiness to others,” said Dwyer.

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