Deadly Dreams is being reviewed positively on Amazon and Goodreads

The book Deadly Dreams by Jennifer Smith is gaining a lot of positive reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Book readers are going to love this news.  Deadly Dreams a thriller romance by Jennifer Smith is being reviewed as a great read on and  Deadly Dreams tells the story of Leah Reynolds that saw visions of a girl who was murdered by a serial killer. 

A spokesperson for the author stated that “the book Deadly Dreams has just been released in print and is available online at places like Barnes and Nobles, iTunes, and as well as directly from the publisher at”  They went on to add that the book is currently on sale on amazon as well.

“This book will give you nightmares and at the same time fill heart with love.What a combo!You get a chance to look inside a killers head,his past and where he’s at now.You feel the pity on him when see where he comes from and all that he went through as a child.Then you start to reason with why he is the way he is.I loved this fast paced story and could not put it down!,” one reviewer raved.  Another review claimed “This was a great story with real characters. I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. I recommend this book to anyone that has a love of books.”

Leah Reynolds finds herself fighting off dream demons that feel more real than like a nightmare.

Now she’s dreaming of a young girl with a butterfly tattoo on her back, running from a monster.

She wakes up screaming, sweaty, and afraid that the monster is going to catch the girl eventual-ly. And then one day, she turns on the news, and there’s the picture of the girl. And she’s been murdered.

Now Leah doesn’t know what to do. Should she tell the cop she’s seen on TV? And if she does, will the monster find out and be chasing her next?

Chase Montgomery is a seasoned homicide cop and what’s going on in his city isn’t sitting well with him. But now he’s got the mayor on his back to solve the murders, and now he’s got some nut who thinks she’s a psychic telling him she knows who the murderer is going to kill next. May-be he should use her information as bait.

Maybe it’ll draw the murderer out if he thinks the cops have a psychic working the case. But it would be a lot easier to handle if the psychic didn’t cause him to have dreams at night that have nothing to do with the case!

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About Jennifer Smith:            

Jennifer is in her early 30’s, and grew up in New York City. She attended Columbia University.

Jennifer enjoys working on characters for her short stories, and plot lines while sipping coffee in Central Park on her favorite bench. She claims that the buzz of people around her contributes to her creativity. Other favorite places to compose stories include Grand Central Terminal, riding the Metro during off-peak times, and in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel.

Oftentimes, she is inspired by people she interacts with or observes out in the world, and very much incorporates scenarios and characteristics into her writing. Sometimes, story lines occur naturally, as though the universe is giving her a present. Other times, she struggles for days or weeks to map out a story.

To combat writer’s block and other common ails that seem to plague artists, Jennifer turns to long walks and of course, chocolate. The best walks are those where she gets on a train and randomly selects a stop. Many surprising shops and late-night diners (and characters, for that matter) have been discovered this way.

Jennifer loves New York City, and all of the people that find refuge here. She maintains close friendships with those she grew up with, and is very active with her local writer’s group. Her hobbies include traveling to far-flung destinations to soak up local culture, and she has never missed an opportunity to try out her skills as an aspiring photographer.

Jennifer keeps a small notebook with her at all times to jot down random thoughts that occur to her throughout the day.

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