De Beers commissions Sixlinx Technologies in the development of Diamond Blockchain

Sixlinx Technologies has been commissioned by The De Beers’ Group of Companies, the largest diamond mining company in the world, to develop and innovate the diamond industry through blockchain technology.

The De Beers Group of Companies is an international corporation leading the industry in the specialization of diamond exploration, diamond mining, diamond retail, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors.

De Beers operates in 35 countries and sells approximately 35% of the world’s rough diamond production. Founded in 1888, De Beers is one of the oldest diamond companies in the world, and the firm is well-known for utilizing latest technological advancements to innovate their diamond operations and processes to stay ahead of the curve.

This has led to De Beers commissioning the development of blockchain technology within the diamond industry. Sixlinx Technologies is a blockchain firm that actively seeks to achieve uniform pricing characteristics within the currently non-fungible diamond industry.

One carat of diamonds is not equal to another carat due to many countless combinations of characteristics. Furthermore, the diamond market is missing liquidity. While one can buy diamonds at retail, it is a challenge to resell them at a reasonable market price. Since diamond exchanges operate on a business-to-business (B2B) basis, they are not relevant for traders and, in fact, there is no platform for reselling diamonds.

Sixlinx Technologies seeks to solve these issues through blockchain technology, effectively bridging the gap between the current diamond ecosystem and the future diamond investment market through a digitization process that will transform diamonds into fungible assets.

It seems as though the blockchain revolution has arrived, as titans of industries have begun to fully embrace asset digitization concepts, such as the commoditization of diamonds.

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