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April 11, 2014-China-DDoS attacks are not a new topic and it had firstly appeared from the 1990s of last century. However, during 2012 to 2013, the feature of DDoS attacks has undergone great changes, which a major feature is huge increasing of the attacking scale. Until 2012, the capacity of one of the largest scale DDoS attacks is only 20 or 30 G. However, the amazing attack if March of last year’s Europe already reached to more than 300 G which has been recognized as the largest DDoS attacks until now.

The senior marketing manager from ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited which is the best online DDoS Service supplier said:” At present, most of our customers have seen the development trend of DDoS attacks. First, the flow rate of this attack has greatly increasing which could be up to the level of 300G; Second, with the development of mobile terminals, DDoS attack is no longer just happen to the traditional PC server but to mobile terminals such as smart phone and ipad. Although the flowing traffic of some DDoS attack is very small, its attacking target is very precise and could do impact on critical business operations. Finally, the data centers are often the victims of DDoS attacks. People should know that traditional DoS attacks the server from outside to inside but now it seems that some attacks are from the inner of data center.

Aiming at current DDoS attack and the risk which the enterprise need to face with, the dedicated server service from ClearDDoS Technology Co could provide for their consumers the industry-leading security capabilities, including T class protection performance, applied type DDoS protection, DDoS protection for mobile devices and DDoS protection for inside to outside.

In order to achieve higher security level, ClearDDoS Technology tries their best to enhancing the quality of their software. Compared with the traditional DDoS protection, the software of ClearDDoS Technology captures the full flow of traffic by packet inspection one by one. When it access to the entire network traffic, the DDoS protection software will use more than 60 kinds of DDoS detection model to finish the detection. Once it finds any abnormality phenomenon, the cleaning mechanism will be activated (www.clear-ddos.com). By this way, Anti-DDoS solution of ClearDDoS Technology can achieve up to 100 kinds of DDoS attack prevention, which already beyond the average level of this industry.

From the former review of their clients, the DDoS service from ClearDDoS Technology could highly enhance the security of each client’s server and their online platform. If people have this related problem, please vie website below.

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