DCup.io – A new platform that allows players to trade World Cup teams like stocks

DCup.io proudly announces their platform that allows players to trade World Cup teams like stocks. The platform is an innovative World Cup prediction DApp built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Despite the rapid growth of Blockchain users, an increasing number of transactions, and mainstream media featuring Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain industry is still in the nascent days  Although we have seen tremendous growth of cryptocurrency users in the past two years, cryptocurrency users only account for less than 1% of the world’s total Internet user base to date. The DCup.io is designed to tackle key challenges of conventional prediction games, with the aim of driving mainstream adoption and becoming a killer app on the Ethereum network.

Conventional prediction games allow every user to predict the result of a single match. But with DCup.io, there is a new prediction model. On this platform, teams are turned into tokens, making it easier for users to trade team tokens during the World Cup games. Furthermore, DCup.io offers better liquidity, unlike traditional prediction games in which a player has no choice than to stick to his/her original pick. With DCup.io, users can trade team tokens freely on a decentralized exchange market called DCup Marketplace. If a player is injured, users can easily sell their team token and buy other team tokens. And most importantly, DCup.io is a DApp with backend code running on the Decentralized Ethereum Network, unlike a traditional app whereby its backend code is fully running on a centralized server. DCup.io offers a more transparent and safer prediction and trading.

For more information, please visit DCup.io

About DHub Ecosystem

Starting with the World Cup prediction, their vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and unite fans around the world into one community. 

DCup is the first DApp in the DHub ecosystem, which includes DApp Browser, DHub Wallet, DApp Marketplace, DApp Development Studio and DHub SDK. All CUP Tokens will get 1:1 Airdrop HUB Token in the future. The DHub ecosystem will be the leading force to promote and accelerate adoption of Web 3.0 and DApp ecosystem.

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