DCS Telecom Brings the Conference Room into the 21st Century with Their Line of Phone Products

Technology has gone through a rapid period of growth over the last decade and businesses now need new ways to keep their communication flowing in today’s high-tech market. International dealings and working on a global scale means even the smallest of organizations desire phone systems that can provide high-quality digital service. DCS is the top of the curve when it comes to digital and VoIP phone systems and, with the support of their long-time partner Samsung, are proud to offer everything from IP phones to DS keysets, to IDCS keysets.

IP phones are designed to work with top of the line phone systems such as the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series, also available through DCS. The SMT-i3105 model is the compact powerhouse designed for basic use. Able to be wall-mounted and supported essential features such as transferring, conferencing, and multiple ringtones, this digital Samsung phone is ideal for secretarial use. Taking a step away from the lobby and into the office is the SMT-i5210 model. This phone has a flexible setup and is able to be mounted at both 30 and 60-degree angles. It features a large LCD screen, 14 programmable buttons, and quick access to voicemail and call logs. The best feature of this phone is easily its smart VPN, providing remote internet access to even the most non-tech friendly users.

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While IP phones tend to be the first pick for most businesses, there is something to be said about the DS 5000 series keysets, especially with needs for hands-free and on the hook dialing. The DS-5007S model is an ideal choice, featuring 7 LED lit programmable buttons, 5 fixed function buttons, and a large LCD screen. The top of the line in DS keysets, however, has to be the DS-5012D model which jumps up the number of programmable keys to 21 and offers hearing aid compatibility.

For a small business, there is hope for a digital phone solution without all the extra trimmings in the iDCS line. Starting with the small but powerful iDCS 8D, this phone cuts out extraneous options while still providing 8 programmable keys, speakerphone, and multiple ringtones. For telephone centric businesses, look no further than the iDCS 28D. It including a massive 28 programmable keys, terminal status indicator, and digital control for speaker, handset, and ringer volumes. This digital phone has all the toys to support even the heaviest call traffic needs.

DCS Telecom provides business phone services for small to large-sized organizations. Located conveniently in Vaughan, DCS has been a partner with Samsung for over 18 years and prides itself on providing the telecom and data solutions to fit every company’s communication needs:

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