DAVINCI XXI – First Luxury Brand to Release a Line of Personalized Watches

NEW Collection of modern signature timepieces will be available for pre-orders on Kickstarter beginning May 4, 2018

EDMONTON, CANADA – May 3rd, 2018 – Timepieces are adorned by people all over the world as both symbols of status, fashion and heirloom style, but the watch industry has long been devoid of a special component: a luxury timepiece that allows for personalization. And an Edmonton-based luxury brand DAVINCI XXI, has managed to identify this missing piece and has recently announced the upcoming launch of their unisex watch signature collection that merges contemporary urban style and luxury fashion.


“Having always been into art, photography, design and pretty much anything that has to do with visual, I’ve always felt an inner desire to create something unique and meaningful”- Inka Olaogun, founder/creative lead at DAVINCI XXI. “And it really has been more or so about self-expression, the end result just happened to be a signature watch collection.” At just 27 years old, his creativity and inspiration from designer brands such as Movado, Nixon, and Vitaly led him to create a unique personalized watch line that embodies both traditional and modern design that is set to stand out in the modern fashion industry. He named this collection “Genesis,” which from the Greek means “Creation.”

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After 2 years of initial sketches, conceptual 3D renderings, and design refinement, and securing a partnership with one of the prominent watch manufacturers he was able to produce a series of prototypes and bring the vision to reality. And with the help of the local luxury Goldsmith, he was able to ensure each timepiece is engraved professionally, in any font, with the purchaser’s own personalized engraving of their choice, which can be a name, a memorable phrase or a meaningful note for that special someone. “Luxury has always been about quality and exclusivity, but we feel the missing piece has always been a sense of it being personal and that was our goal with DAVINCI XXI.”- Inka O. Big-name luxury brands tend to be swamped and focused more on the mass production and operations and at times simply do not have the resources to cater specifically to every customer, and it’s where DAVINCI XXI’s personalized luxury is poised to be a highlight in the industry.


That being said, DAVINCI XXI timepieces are also, however, crafted with the height of quality in mind. Wearers will receive the allure of Swiss movement, Sapphire glass, Stainless steel 316L, highest grade Gold plating and even Swarovski crystals, which are all hallmarks of exceptionally crafted watches. While there are a few brands on the market that have premium craftsmanship, DAVINCI XXI is also set to distinguish itself with its unique ability to merge contemporary urban fashion and leading-edge luxury design.


“Our vision is to create a meaningful brand that will stand for unique personal experiences, self-expression, and creativity, and more importantly, inspire everyone who chooses to be a part of it.” – Inka O.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/874LPWnH2YI

Having already made notable appearances in major fashion shows such as C-Tribe and Western Canada Fashion Week, the company will finally be giving people the opportunity to pre-order at an exclusive early bird price beginning on May 4th, 2018 on their official Kickstarter page. This crowdfunding campaign will aim to raise further awareness for the brand while helping to raise funds to bring its exquisite signature luxury timepieces to people all over the world.

Kickstarter campaign: https://kck.st/2HuHLND

More information about DAVINCI XXI can be found at https://www.davincixxi.com/ 

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