“Dark Day” new single by Toni Day Vision released by VAM-United Records

The world of today is filled with disasters and people who do not care about each other. People who would rather make money than spread love, a world where people would not hesitate to kill in order to make money. In a world where there are natural disasters happening everyday and families are being wiped out. All of these problems in the world are mentioned in a song by Toni Day Vision.

The new song by Toni Day Vision called “Dark Day”. This song was released with the help of VAM- United Records. The song title describes the song perfectly. The song is about what is going on all around us in the world. The song describes everything dark in this world today and shows how it is evil along with how it isn’t good for the humans. The song provides a kind of protest against this dark side of the world. The song was released on 29th April 2015 and it is a part of an album by artist Toni Day Vision. The entire album would be released either late 2015 or early 2016 and the album has everything that would make a person fall in love with it. Good lyrics, catchy rhythm, music that can be listened to again and again without any chance of getting bored. The entire album is called “The Dark Side of the Earth”. This Album is something no one should miss. It has all the important things that are a requirement for an amazing album and can also go on to be a record breaker with the support of the fans.

The lyrics of the song have a very deep meaning as to how the earth is suffering. How the humans have played a huge role in creating such a world in which darkness is seen in every corner and there is little hope of light. The lyrics are sung in a melodious voice that make the song really catchy and it gets stuck in a person’s brain and that person would be singing the song over and over again.

About us:

Toni Day Vision is a rock artist who is progressing through the world of music like a bullet. Toni Day Vision tries to provide a positive message through his music. To listen to the music he creates people can visit Toni Day Vision’s website www.tonidayvision.eu or his soundcloud page can also be visited at www.soundcloud.com/tonidayvision

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