Daniel Torres Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Fund FLEXPAND POWER Project

Daniel Torres creates crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for FLEXPAND POWER, an electric extension with a flexible and expandable mechanism.

Daniel Torres, the Hialeah, FL-based inventor has announced that his team has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to finance the FLEXPAND POWER project. FLEXPAND POWER is the only electrical extension device available that’s designed for high flexibility. The extension device can also be extended by four inches to accommodate more devices.

“We are happy to introduce you to FLEXPAND POWER, the devise that can help you reclaim your outlets with ease,” says Daniel Torres, the founder of the project. “We have designed the flexible circuit breaking power strip to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet. It is a great way to put an end to plug traffic jams or blocked outlets.”

The power strips available on the market and used in most households are probably very old and have the same standard design. They might work order but they can wear out over time. They might not be working with the same level of efficiency and circuit breaking protection as it once did.

FLEXPAND POWER is equipped with a flexible cord and has four outlets. The convenient to use USB Port can shield provide protection to electronic devices and prevent any mishaps such as a fire because of the presence of too many appliances on one circuit which can lead to a short circuit or grounded circuit.

The four ports are well spaced and can hence provide the room needed for bulky charging adapters to fit in. The three prong standard outlet is compatible with most power jacks. A customizable layout option allows users to snake FLEXPAND POWER along even the most difficult orientations. FLEXPAND POWER is just what is needed for those who have to use multiple and large power adapters.

FLEXPAND POWER has been creatively designed to save space and offer user convenience through an adjustable cord. It can be easily used in tight corners and can fit into awkward spaces where it is difficult to use conventional extensions. The unique pivot feature makes it easy to blend the circuit breaker strip into the room’s design. It can be wrapped around a floor lamp or curve to mimic the shape of a piece of furniture. It can be used to plug in cords from printer device, hard drive, and modem.

Daniel Torres and his collaborators have got the technology patented in the United States and Canada. The device will be made available in three colors – White, Black, and Oak initially. The Kickstarter campaign by Daniel has a financial goal of $250,000. The project will be funded if this goal is reached by 30 December 2017.


FLEXPAND POWER is a highly flexible and expandable circuit breaking power strip that can be adapted to fit plugs and adapters of every size. Designed, developed and patented by Daniel Torres and his team, FLEXPAND POWER is the only electric extension in the market with this unique mechanism. It has a flexible cord and four outlets and a USB Port.

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