Daniel Soto launches Bacha Crush game inspired by the Venezuelan Bachaqueros

Daniel Soto has launched an exciting new game titled “Bacha Crush – Bachaqueros” inspired by the conditions prevailing in his country. He has launched this game for both iOS and Android users to allow the users have an insight into the country’s culture and scenery. The game takes inspiration from an ongoing situation in Venezuela that has forced its people to purchase regulated products in the super markets at government established prices and sell them at a much higher price to the final consumers. These people are known as Bachaqueros.

Bacha Crush game provides the player an exciting adventure in the country of Venezuela. They’ll get to travel across the country’s beautiful lands, see the wonderful attractions and landscapes. The game allows the player to switch and combine the regulated products for making their way through hundreds of engaging levels. This puzzle-adventure game is being referred as the ‘most unexpected game of the year’ by the developer.

Bacha Crush can be played as a single player and with friends to see who gets the highest score. The game offers multiple game modes such as target score, timed levels, orders mode, and falling mode to the players. This intriguing game requires the players to gather regulated products and discover the super regulated surprises. The developer has done a creative twist to a real life condition in the country by turning it into a game for spreading more awareness about the same in a fun and harmless way.

The users can overcome multiple levels to unlock places with wonderful landscapes inspired by Venezuela. This game will enable the user to experience the various environments and also get to know about the various regulated products. Some of the objects like delicious not ripened bananas, special products with packing or stripes, clap bombs and multiple peculiar boosters will help the player to overcome a level faster.

The game features hundred of the best Venezuelan territory levels and more will be added in the future as the game gains popularity. The players can also see their friends and competitors scores in the game. By using the internet, the players can unlock more functionality and also sync game progress between all their devices. Moreover, the game is free of costs except for a few items that require purchasing.

The game was first launched on Google Play and is now available on iTunes too.

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