Daily Virtual Assistant Services, Providing Business Owners with a Free Tool to Manage and Grow their Business with Ease

August 25th, 2017 Daily Virtual Assistant Services is offering its customers and other business owners a free guide on how they manage and grow business with ease.  The Free guide is titled “Business Personality Assessment to manage and grow your business with ease:

The guide which is written by the company owner Amanda Harrison Kapoor contains tools that businesses can use to turn around things and trend on a successful path. Amanda who is a certified Online Business Manager (OBM) helps business owners in managing the key aspect of their business. Her role entails supporting the owners with tasks which they may not have the expertise to handle. Amanda says that an OBM is like a partner in business as she takes it as own and runs it in the same way would run her establishment. The Texas, United States online business manager has run several businesses, helping them overcome the hurdles and moved to greater heights.

As an online business manager, Amanda helps to free up the business owners allowing them to focus time and energy on their core functions, those activities that only they can perform.

Amanda says that the tools prescribed in the guide are the same she used to stop the chaos of her own online business.

An online business manager unlike a virtual assistant gets a clear understanding of the whole business, helps to plan and manage project from the beginning to the completion.

The business owner benefits as some of the tasks or responsibilities are taken by the OBM helping in easing the plate. Amanda says that this is mostly achieved since the OBM becomes like a partner, a person who is committed to the success of the business.

Among the tasks that an OBM helps done include: operations management, social media management, tracking metrics, management of the website, online marketing, team management among others.

For more information and to choose their services, visit:  https://www.dailyobm.com

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