Cyronium, the new crypto asset backed by physical coins aims to become the new investment product for common people

Cyronium, the newly launched crypto asset with physical coins underlying is created with an aim to provide a new and profitable investment product for all kinds of investors. It is built on the secure and transparent blockchain technology while every 1 CYRO token has a guarantee of 1 Cyronium coin that consists of 20 grams of 99% gold LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). The value of CYRO token depends on the demand & supply of Cyronium in the market as well as the intrinsic value according to the price of 20 grams of gold.

Cyronium requires a minimum transaction capital of Rp 30,000,00 (approx. $213 USD) per Cyronium making it affordable for a wider range of investors including students, small/large entrepreneurs, private employees and others. Purchasing the token and its ownership process is fairly easy and quick. In addition, the fact that Cyronium is backed by physical coins makes it more stable, secure and immune to sudden price fluctuations in the market. The team of Cyronium is also building a comprehensive ecosystem where the shared knowledge can directly be applied in trading investment instruments, to create better results for the investors.

All the investors who’ll purchase at least 1 CYRO can choose from two types of assets ownership. The first one is in the form of CYRO token which they can receive in their wallet and the physical coins will be stored by Cyronium through PT Santara Daya Inspiratama. The second one is in the form of Cyronium coins which the investors can get delivered at their doorsteps. In this case, the investors will not have the rights to the CYRO token but they can sell the Cyronium coins at Santara and nearby gold shops.

Cyronium is bringing an innovative change in the world of financial investments. Unlike the currencies covered by banks, Cyronium is decentralized in nature and makes a transparent investment product that can be watched by all the investors. It is free from the risk of price manipulation and backed by advanced technology to make the whole investment process more convenient, secure and cost-effective. More information about Cyronium can be found at

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