Cycoin, the asset-backed wealth coin is launching their Pre-ICO on September 10th

Cycoin is an ERC20 token wealth coin, backed by a basket of crypto assets that provides investors with monthly and quarterly income distributions. Just holding Cycoin will earn investors passive income. The coin will launch its Pre-ICO on 10th September to offer the native Cycoin token at special prices. A total of 50,000,000 Cycoins will be issued and will be listed on external exchanges before or during the final ICO phase.

Cycoin brings their revolutionary asset backing formula into the cryptocurrency market providing real control to investors over their funds in the event of a fall in value. The funds raised from the ICO will be invested into margin lending, arbitrage trades and in new pre-vetted and curated ICO opportunities. A range of external professional services will help in the task of providing opportunities and the team will select the best ones, based on their alignment with the business goals of the project.

Cycoin is backed by the cryptocurrencies pool purchased by the company. This pool will be held in a trust, so Cycoin holders have legal, beneficial entitlement to the cryptocurrency assets. This pool will consist of coins that are established, real and listed on exchanges for the conduct of margin lending and arbitrage trading strategies, as well as in new ICO opportunities which show strong promise of success and investment returns. The team is also in the process of developing a signals app which will identify profitable arbitrage trades.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world economy and carved a path for thousands of coins and blockchain based startups to develop and thrive. However, it may be a tough and time-consuming task to determine which coins to invest in and which coins may not be worth it. What makes Cycoin different from the rest is that it does not promise any over the top returns or capital benefits but a more stable and secure option for the traders to invest in. It offers rational, understandable and real income deriving strategies that are conducted through established mechanisms already evident in the crypto markets. The funds raised from the ICO will be invested into cryptocurrencies which means the investors’ money will not be spent, they will be invested and earn yield in accordance with the fund criteria.

Cycoin is a one of its kind cryptocurrency that establishes a Coin democracy which means all the ICO investors will have the right to vote to redeem their funds in the event of adverse conditions. They will also have the right to vote for any new initiatives introduced by the Cyoin team. Cycoin also features a rating of 8.0 on Token Intelligence.

More information on Cycoin can be found at their official website.

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