CustomerCarePoint – Why Won’t Customers Talk to Me? (Instead of the World via Social Media)

CustomerCarePoint puts organizations and their customers in direct conversation. This online tool and strategy provides an additional link to hear the voice of the customer, directly.

Why are customers going to Social Media to express their beefs? Don’t they know, as customers, we love them and want to keep them? Apparently they don’t.

Organizations dedicate vast amounts of energy and money to improving customer service, customer relationship and engagement. Yet, there are countless Customer Surveys (and by the way, who exactly has the time to take those?) and continual articles of customer service strategies. Yet ongoing news reports on customer relation failures appear with regularity.

With an ever-increasing amount of electronic technology available, one would gather that vast improvements are being made in customer service. And in some regards and industry sectors this is true. Software technology can have a significant impact. However the issue for many organizations is not in technology but in practice. We suggest it is with strategy, process and execution. Whatever technology is being applied becomes ineffective without successful follow through.

Customer care is an organizational culture and focus, not “this quarter’s initiative”. Wherever business people gather, the “customer service frustrations” issue is one of the main topics, be that in the boardroom, golf course or locker room. We speak daily with business executives who want to know what customers think, want, need and expect. However they all struggle with an effective way to get a direct connection. They struggle with the process of incident follow up.

Customers want to be heard. But they want to be heard on their terms, at their convenience and when they have an issue. They actually have very little interest in your latest survey.

Based on these factors, QuizzPoint Corporation developed CustomerCarePoint.

CustomerCarePoint is a straightforward customer response tool, designed to give immediate awareness of specific customer issue(s) and the method to resolve them … quickly. It is about customer service and enhancement and most importantly… direct communication. It hosts an input side that lets the customer speak directly to you in their own words. And it has an admin side that lets you provide simple, direct follow up for effective customer care resolution.

Among the many features of CustomerCarePoint is the ability to direct different types of customer feedback directly to the appropriate individual(s) responsible, with an efficient report/response side customizable for administration needs. All data is exportable for further analysis.

QuizzPoint Corporation has a CustomerCarePoint strategy that will have feedback going directly to your organizational responders and creates a live, real time, administration and management section tailored to each clients particular industry and needs. It has been incorporated into customer promotional programs/campaigns.

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