Custom Fit Glasses Made Affordable by 3D Printing

MONO Eyewear is Seamless, Ultra-light, and Interchangeable. What’s more, it is 3D printed according to the customer‘s specified measurements to ensure each frame fits the customer face perfectly.

To fund this vision, ITUM, the company behind MONO eyewear has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which has been a success up till now- it has been popular among contributors and has been discussed by many news outlets and on online platforms.

MONO is unlike any other available on the market. The notion behind the Mono eyewear line stem from the modern concept of customization, in today’s world customers are interested in things that are customized to suit their specific needs. Modification and customization is all the rage, however this feature is yet to be offered to customers of eyewear. Mono is about to change all that, by becoming the first affordable collection of eyewear that will allow customers to have the perfect-fitting eyewear and thus enhance wearing comfort by providing the choice of size- a fundamental yet long-missing “feature”, made possible by the latest advancements in 3D printing technology.

The company is able to offer customized fit eyewear frames due to their unique sizing system, which includes measurements of the width of front frame, the depth of nose pad and the length of temples. Each measurement is represented by S, M or L indicating Small, Medium and Large, forming a 3 digit code. The Mono frame will feature a no screw and no hinge design; instead the temples of the frame are made collapsible by means of a patent-pending “DNA joint”. 3D-printed nylon material out of which the frame will be manufactured brings down the weight of Mono frame to half of what conventional frames weight; allowing customers to enjoy a bold rim frame look without the weight for increased comfort.

The Mono eyewear line will have interchangeable lenses, making the frames versatile and removing the need to carry prescription glasses and sunglasses separately. The frame will be available in 5 different style choices, 4 different colors per style and 8 colors of lenses (prescription possible).

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Edmond Wong and Simon Ling are the duo behind the concept of Mono eyewear 3D printed frames. Edmond is a large headed architect and designer based in HK and Simon is a registered optician.


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