Custom Bobble offers innovative corporate gift ideas with its personalized bobbleheads

Popular maker of bobblehead, Custom Bobble is offering unique corporate gift ideas with its wide range of bobbleheads

Custom Bobble is one of the leading makers of custom bobblehead in the world and the outfit recently announced the offer of a unique way of giving corporate gifts. The personalized bobbleheads made by Custom Bobble is an innovative way of not impressing the staff, but also ensures that every recipient of the gift cherishes it for as long it exists – possibly forever.

Appreciating a group of people or even an individual used to be as simple as distributing generic items like mugs or even towels. However, this practice seems to be obsolete as it lacks creativity and most recipients only accept for the sake of courtesy. This is where Custom Bobble comes in particularly handy.

The bobbleheads from Custom Bobble are personalized and unqiue to each individual as they are made using the photo of each person. This corporation gift idea is distinct and will actually thrill every recipient. Unlike the generic gift items, each bobblehead is made from a picture and as they are hand sculpted by professional sculptors. Each handmade piece represents each individual and ensures that it remains personalized. The customer can also buy a preview option, which allows them to see the product and suggest modifications before the heads are shipped.

Custom Bobbleheads are probably the most unique gift item an employee will ever receive from his employer. They are just like 3D business cards that will never be thrown away, with the business logo, company award and the employee’s name printed on the base. All is required is the photos of the employees which can be gotten from their security ID.

The idea is particularly great for businesses and organization looking to treat their staff well especially with the holiday season approaching. It gives each member of the organization a sense of belonging as the uniqueness stands it out from other gifts.

The custom bobbleheads are themed to reflect the reason for the season without taking out the uniqueness of the head. Therefore, organizations and other such institutions wanting innovative corporate gift ideas can choose the season to give out gifts. The heads can be made for the celebration of Christmas, anniversary of the company, or any other such milestone or achievement that is worth celebrating.

In addition to helping businesses get the best company Christmas gifts for their staff, Custom Bobble also offers Personal iPhone Holder and Steve Jobs Bobblehead & Invincible Gifts. Other categories of bobbleheads from Custom Bobble include engagement anniversary, sports bobblehead, wedding, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and bobbleheads for kids. There are also discounts offered on combined shipments for bulk purchases.

Top international organizations like DELL, MicroSoft and financial institutions like major banks and Credit Card and insurance companies have already enjoyed the Custom Bobbleheads for their employees.

The bobbleheads from Custom Bobble are also affordably priced starting from as low as $86.00.

About Custom Bobble

Custom Bobble is described as the world’s best custom bobblehead company providing unique gift ideas for all occasions. As opposed to the common practice of gifting chocolates, bouquet and other such items, Custom Bobble is offering an innovative and unique way of expressing love and expression of human emotions with its customized bobbleheads.

Custom Bobble has a team of expert sculptors to customize any design of bobbleheads to look exactly like the receiver of your gift.

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