Bier’s child betrayal and baby snatching drama, ‘A 2nd CHANCE’, successfully captures the extreme horrors of child neglect and baby snatching in a thrilling, new way cinema rarely experiences and captures the States’ immigration policy’s latest headline news of “baby snatching”.

Los Angeles, CA – July 10, 2018 – In a time where children are being separated from their parents, Bier’s baby snatching drama ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ “just secured a theatrical run stateside thanks to ROCK SALT RELEASING,” reported Women and Hollywood’s Laura Berger, adding, “The source attributes the long-delayed acquisition to Trump’s headline-making immigration policy that has resulted in children being separated from their parents. ROCK SALT RELEASING confirms the theory.” 

Directed by Oscar-winning and Emmy-nominated director, Susanne Bier (‘The Night Manager’, ‘In A Better World’), and written by Ander Thomas Jensen (‘All You Need is Love’, ‘In A Better World’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ delves deep into human nature’s battle against tragedy and the lengths parents will go for innocent children.

Film summary: Bier‘s baby snatching drama follows Detective Andreas (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from HBO’s Game of Thrones) and his drunken, divorcee partner Simon (Ulrich Thomsen, who are alerted of a domestic disturbance at two young junkies’ apartment where they discover a baby boy covered in his own excrement and suffering from dreadful child neglect. But, Andreas’ life begins to unravel into moral and ethical disarray when his own infant son suddenly passes, the young father finds his morals blurring as he is forced to confront the difference between right and wrong. Unable to handle the treatment of the junkies’ child, Andreas finds himself stuck between the right thing – saving the baby boy or the wrong thing – baby snatching. “Susanne Bier creates a world in which criminals get treated unfairly and the one to uphold the law is criminal with his actions. The focal point of the developing conflict is a baby, a heartbroken mother and a sinister conspiracy by the kidnappers,” wrote Decay Mag in recent trailer drop for ‘A 2nd CHANCE’.

“Not since Gone Baby Gone has a case of baby snatching been taken to such ludicrously straight-faced extremes as in A 2ND CHANCE.” – Variety, Peter Debruge

Peacefully rallies coast-to-coast, “Families Belong Together”, demands children immediately be reunited with their families, strive to eliminate the arrest of asylum-seekers and to overall remove the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, reported American Bazaar’s Geeta Goindi, as over 30,000 people stood across from the White House, passionately advocating with signs that read: ‘Don’t cage kids’ and ‘Impeach the baby snatchers’. “Over 2,000 children snatched from their parents while trying to cross the southern border from Mexico remain in detention centers and it is unclear if they ever will or can be reunited with their families,” revealed Goindi.

Photo: Thousands of protestors marched in Atlanta to voice their opinions against immigrant family separation at the “Families Belong Together” on June 30, from WABE. 

Rooted in the foundations of love and parenthood, Bier’s direction invokes a strong and empowering female voice with open eyes to reflect our dark world. Despite his moral values and commitment to the law as a cop, Andreas captures the tragedy’s blur between just and unjust and the moral implications of his decisions that will affect both families. By snatching the child, Andreas captures the unthinkable and just how easily we lose our grasp on justice when life is hanging by thread with a raw and emotional performance. Is he doing the right thing? If so, who is it for? “That is the center of the movie… to get to the point of, ‘I know I should not be doing this, but I will be doing it.’ I think parenthood is one of the reasons for a decent human being to lose all boundaries. I don’t think the movie is about parenthood per se, but I think it’s a condition which enables you to act in a very extreme way, when you otherwise would not,” said Bier to the Los Angeles Times’ Mark Olsen.

In collaboration with Trustnordisk and production companies, Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast, ROCK SALT RELEASING will represent ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ for its U.S. weeklong theatrical run beginning July 13th at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge Sunset and other select theaters. ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ will be available on video digital platforms beginning July 23rd. For press inquires, please contact:

Alongside Coster-Walda (‘Oblivion’, ‘Mama’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ stars award-winning Swedish actress, Maria Bonnevie (‘I Am Dina’, ‘The Banishment”, ‘The 13th Warrior’), Nikolai Lie Kaas (‘Angels & Demons’) and debuting model, Lykke May Andersen. Alongside are Ulrich Thomsen (‘The Blacklist’, ‘Hitman’), nominated Roland Moller (‘Atomic Blonde’) and Peter Harber (‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’).

A 2nd CHANCE (2018, 102 min.) Directed by Susanne Bier. Editor: Pernille Bech Christensen. Cinematographer: Michael Snyman. Original Music: Johan Söderqvist. US, English. Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn, Film I Vast. TriCoast Worldwide, Rock Salt Releasing.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast. 

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