CT-50 Review: Examining Tyler Bramlett’s New Workout System

CT-50 workout system featuring Progressive Movement Technology
CT-50 is a new workout system which uses progressive movement technology and the author of this program, Tyler Bramlett claims it can help people burn fat, build lean, tone muscle and doesn’t require equipment. Josh Houghton of TrustworthyFitness.com has decided to investigate these claims.

This CT-50 review takes a look at the brand new workout system created by functional strength expert Tyler Bramlett was designed to help people who are having a hard time losing weight and transforming their bodies peeked the interest of online fitness product reviewer Josh Houghton. A detailed and in-depth CT-50 review was performed.

CT-50 uses Progressive Movement Technology to send loud and clear signals to one’s body triggering fat burning and the development of lean, tone muscle. This is achieved by performing specific movements every time you workout and perform the various exercises within the course,” reports Houghton.

“Research conducted for this CT-50 review discovered that the author is indeed correct. It may seem like science fiction, but it’s true. When a person performs crunches a signal is being sent to the body telling it to develop the persons abs. The same goes for running, a signal is being sent telling the body to strengthen the leg muscles and lose weight. It appears that Tyler Bramlett, the author of CT-50 understands how these signals work and designed specific workouts which contain specific movements which trigger fat burning, the building of lean, tone muscles and overall body transformation,” reports Houghton.

“The next part of the CT-50 review is to look into the amount of time this workout programs take to complete and exactly who this workout system is for,” reports Houghton. “CT-50 is unique in that it doesn’t take 30 minutes a day or even 20 minutes a day. All that is required is 45 minutes a week. This was surprising, but the short amount of time needed is due because the exercises and workouts are very specific and target specific areas at a high impact level. So the body is getting maximum results without spending a lot of time.”

“The next part of the CT-50 review is determining who the program is for? The program is for both men and women as well since the workout system is broken into levels anyone can enjoy CT-50, whether a person is a beginners, intermediate or advanced there is something for everyone within Tyler Bramlett’s workout program. CT-50 requires no equipment and can be done from the comfort of one’s living room,” reports Houghton.

CT-50 consists of 50 different workouts which are created from 96 fat burning and muscle building exercises. These exercises are the foundation of the workouts. The 50 workouts are placed in groups of 10 within 5 different levels. These levels are progressive in natural so when someone completes one level the next one is more challenging. Level 1 would be considered for beginners and level 5 would be considered advanced.

Those interesting in watching a workout video from the actual CT-50 workout program can click here

“CT-50 is quite an extensive workout program. Customers of CT-50 get a comprehensive program manual, a quick start guide, score cards, wall charts, exercise guide and the two main components of the program which are the in-depth follow along workout videos and follow along exercise videos. In both of these components you get Tyler Bramlett walking you through every single workout and exercise. The videos are professional and feature Tyler coaching two different students as they do the workout and exercises.” reports Houghton.

“In addition, customers also receive a number of bonuses which include a supplement guide, although supplements aren’t required this was included in case certain people used them. Also included are a smoothie guide, a component guide so people can combine the CT-50 workouts with any other workout or fitness programs they may use and a number of other bonuses,” reports Houghton.

“CT-50 is a unique workout system which doesn’t focus on heavy lifting, intense cardio or the use of equipment, but a well thought out, combination of movements which provide a very intense workout,” reports Houghton. 

“The workouts are fun, challenging and because no equipment is required it’s easy to get started. The entire CT-50 workout system is risk free as well. It comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee in case someone isn’t happy with the course for whatever reason,” reports Houghton.

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