CT50 Review – Does “Progressive Movement Technology ” Work?

One of the newest workouts out there is the CT50 program. The big question, of course, is it any good? Is it just another workout that makes big promises and doesn’t fulfill them?

The creator of this workout is Tyler Bramlett, nicknamed “Garage Warrior”, is an expert working trainer and USAW Sports Performance coach. He has spent a long time thinking about creating a workout that will effectively put you into shape. The result of this 10-year search was this workout program called Cross-training 50 or CT-50

Download The CT-50 Workout By Tyler Bramlett Here

What is This Workout?

This is a workout that has different levels. For most of these levels, you don’t have to use the exercise equipment at all. Each level relies purely on body weight.

To do level one of this workout, you do simple movements like shoulder bridge lifts and body rows. Level one is designed to introduce people like you with motions that you will need for more advanced levels.

To do level two, you will be doing exercises like Turkish sit-ups. These exercises employ more of your muscles to do and are very difficult to do. People who are fit could skip to level three.

When you reach do levels four and five, you should be able to do more strenuous exercises like pull-ups and standing pike presses. You will need a lot of balance, strength, coordination and condition. To perform pull-ups, you will need a dedicated a pull-up bar. You could also go to a park and use a climbing frame.

Does A Package Come With This Workout?

You can get a package to perform this workout. These are some of the things that you get with this package:

  • Ct-50 Main Manual. This is a practical guide that will take you step-by-step, level-by-level, through the workout. It will assist with the most challenging exercises. It will also demonstrate to you what you should eat when you are doing the Ct 50 workout.
  • Workout Video. It shows what exercises you should do at each level of this workout. It shows how you should do the more advanced, complicated exercise.
  • Ct-50 Wall Charts. These wall charts are meant as a quick reference guide to see what exercises should be done at each level. You do printouts and paste them on the chart.
  • Ct-50 workout Score Sheets. These sheets will help you take account of how much fat you have lost and replaced with muscle. You will check off what you have done for each level.

Download The CT-50 Workout By Tyler Bramlett Here

  • The reason why most people NEVER succeed in transforming their body is because they do the wrong exercises in the wrong order. This sends the wrong signals to your body that may end up causing you to gain fat NOT lose it!
  • If you really want to transform your body, the SOLUTION is to focus on the SIGNALS you are sending your body with your workouts.
  • The proof that these signals work can be found in an ancient story from 532 BC about Milo and the Bull. Milo sent powerful transformation signals to his body and people still talk about his legendary physique today! This proves that athletes from thousands of years ago understood and used the lost secret of “sending the right signals.”
  • The easy way for you to send the right signals to your body and see consistent results is to use Progressive Movement Technology™ because it sends LOUD AND CLEAR fat burning, muscle toning signals to your body!
  • SImply put, if you use Progressive Movement Technology™, your body will be forced to change, if not… it wont :(

This is a one time investment that will permanently help you transform your body. You don’t need a fancy gym, membership and you don’t need a personal trainer, because this program has you covered step-by-step. All you need is the commitment and determination to know you want this… see that it’s right in front of you… and grab it.

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