CryptoCup, the latest crypto collectible game based on the 2018 World Cup Football tournament is now live

CryptoCup is the brand new Ethereum blockchain trading game that is based on the 2018 World Cup Football tournament being held in Russia this year. The game allows anyone to buy a team from anyone else using ETH by interacting through the CryptoCup Smart Contract. The user can buy any number of teams out of 32 tokens, each representing a team in the 2018 world cup this year. Once the user has purchased a team, it will be registered against their wallet address until someone decides to buy it from them, offering a higher price than the original cost. This is one way to make a profit playing this blockchain based game. You can earn more money by using your teams to stage Virtual Matches against other team holders. Encourage players to join teams and you’ll earn profit if your team wins the match, for very little risk – all because you own a team!

During the knockout stages, the owner of the team’s crypto collectible token will also receive ETH payouts as their team progress through each round. Since CryptoCup is programmed into a “Smart Contract”, it can be seen by anyone who wishes to see the source code for verifying the rules of the game. The game offers two different ways to make money; the first one is by trading World Cup teams and earning ETH and the second one is by winning some of the prize funds as the team moves ahead during the knockout stages. Each team sale adds more ETH to the prize fund. The prizes are fixed before the knockout round starts and paid out at the end of the knockout matches. The world cup winner will grab almost 50% of the fund.

The total supply of the collectible CryptoCup token is limited to 32, which is equal to the number of teams participating in the 2018 World Cup. The teams start with a price of 0.001 ETH and after each sale the price of the team doubles until it reaches 0.1 ETH, at which point prices will only increase by 15% for the remaining game. The users can buy their favorite team(s) using Metamask and then visiting the team pages directly. Once the user buys a World Cup team, the token is transferred to their wallet address and the team value increases automatically as per the rules of the game.

If a team owned by the user is sold, they will receive 85% of the total ETH while out of the remaining 15%, 5% goes to the operational and hosting costs and 10% goes into the prize fund which is split during the knockout stages. During the knockout stages, the prize amounts are locked in around 10 minutes before the first match to make sure that everyone receives the same ETH in that round. All the payouts are given within 10 minutes of the end of a match. Teams are currently trading around 0.2 ETH so now is the perfect time to start trading. We anticipate at least 8 of the tournament favorites will reach over 100 ETH each – with an estimated jackpot prize fund growing over 800 ETH ($521,914) by the time the tournament reaches its climax. GAME ON!

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