Crowdprecision defines its scope: upgrading business crowdsourcing performances

The evolution and development of the crowdsourcing workflow has given scope for adopting different approaches according to corporate requirements. They can be easily broken down into the following four work resources channels:

  • Mediating Portals. Designed to post professional profiles and offers for particular projects needing full-time commitment.
  • Outsourcing companies. To tackle the derived sub-projects that need to carry out the work under a less orthodox labor relationship.
  • Outasking platforms. For the resolution of different tasks with a defined proposed date, employers select several freelancer agents where the financial relationship is based solely on the duties solution.
  • Crowdsourcing environments. One of the most interesting phenomena that the Internet has brought; a large number of microtasks are available to optimize performance and facilitate the execution of external workers.

The crowdsourcing system is one of the preferred processes for modern corporations, where Internet users become active collaborators; a communication tool created for straightforward partnership. However, owning accounts in a set of different individual tools causes several prevailing deficiencies: The various platforms don’t have any correlation; therefore they lack on fulfilled-task record and more efficient and automated payment procedures. CrowdPrecision is a digital environment based on crowdsourcing blockchain, the network revolution giving numerous financial and corporate triumphs, it has surfaced in the panorama presenting an innovative solution for this matter.

Inside Look Into CrowdPrecision

CrowdPrecision will take advantage of the best resources in blockchain distributed character. Through this digital environment appliance, participants will generate an integral profile linked to several microtasks campaigns, organizations, systems, and facilitators with universal reach.

Qualification fluctuates depending on the valuations made by the companies and employers: the trust score system. Workers can boost their merit and visibility disposition based on the different fulfilled or achieved tasks in their workflow history. It translates into a fusion between employees’ self-assessment and difficulty levels; the platform raises efficiency for workers and warrants to a satisfactory result for companies betting on the blockchain solution.

For example:

A new member joins and begins accumulating positive evaluations will continue to rise until it reaches the highest limit. In the same way, when it comes to the negative measurement levels, they will make an impact and be reflected in the outline and the employers will judge and appraise.

Working Engine

CrowdPrecision before its official launch on July 22nd, already has a vital alliance with two leading platforms such as Microworkers, the major microtasks digital environment, fortified through the management of more than 35 million tasks and almost 2 millions of working agents continuously concurring. Alongside with ScaleHub, the giant processing and documentation management provider; combined with the benefits of current blockchain and cryptocurrencies developments.

On Sale

The CrowdPrecision Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is establishing a financial reputation through the CrowdPrecision Token (CPT), which unifies the process and displays a grander range, starting in 2018, July 22nd. The finish date will be on August 19th, with a first 2,400,000 token supply and a total of 4,000,000.

One of the most flexible codes that have appeared in crypto is the Ethereum protocol and its smart contracts. CrowdPrecision uses this self-executing software to create stable and trustworthy partnership bonds. By using distributed public ledge pillars, clients can have record access within a vast catalog of crowdsourcing environments.

The Benefits of using CrowdPrecision are:

  • Under the project’s nature, decision processes are performed quickly and effectively, compensating with cost savings.
  • Financial incentives in the form of a liquid asset (CPT), equals to more present members and the work’s quality meets employer expectations; competitive wages for market and mutual benefit, regardless of workers and corporations location, since through the use of the system the economic flow increases.
  • Offers immutable and unalterable registry support; it enables the necessary confidentiality character and promotes the protection of intellectual property, translating into a transparent and reliable alternative.
  • Crowdsourcing system also generates an appealing opportunity for specific profiles (creatives, designers, visionaries); the notoriety will influence their professional path directly.

The Future Is Now

CrowdPrecision is changing the way interaction is performed as well as the data production between companies, customers, and professionals by a revolutionary crowdsourcing practice using blockchain technology advance for business improvement and productivity for all users.

To take advantage of the massive cooperation that has been given due to the web’s advances, CrowdPrecision offers companies, workers, and the entire Internet community a complete renewal in their marketing and business models, to develop a more efficient attribute that invites to crowdsourcing companies to bet on blockchain technology to better provide their services.

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