Crochet Hooks Set Manufacturer Classy Catz Announces Multiple Discount Deals

Multiple Purchase Discounts On Top Of 40% Saving Announced by Manufacturer

Classy Catz, Crochet Hook Set manufacturer today announced a new set of discounts on multiple purchases of their popular crochet hook set available for sale on Amazon USA. The discounts which are available on top of the current 40% saving range from an additional 15% for purchases of two sets to 25% additional saving for purchases of 5 or more.

The Classy Catz Crochet Set comprises nine color coded aluminium crochet hooks in a range of sizes between 2 and 6 mm. The soft grip ergonomic adjustable handles make for an easy to use experience for both beginners and experienced crochet users alike. The set is packaged in a carry case which also includes a row counter and 20 pieces marker set.

A spokesperson for Classy Catz explained, “We see crochet users as a large family community and whether it is mothers teaching daughters or grandparents teaching their grandchildren to crochet for the first time we wanted to acknowledge the relationships within the crocheting community. We have found that crocheting is a skill that is often passed down and shared amongst family or friends and that a good first set of crochet hooks is often given as a gift to get someone started. To celebrate this family, we decided to add extra discounts to multiple set purchases to encourage existing crochet users to share their knowledge and experience by introducing someone new to the crochet family.”

She continued, “Since launching our crochet hooks set we have been delighted with the response we have had from all sections of the crocheting community. We like to think we designed a great product but you never know for sure until the product is in the hands of the people who use it. Only then do you discover if your work has been worthwhile and we are grateful that the feedback from customers has been fantastic.”

Here are some comments from recent reviews;

I bought this set for my daughter who’s just recently developed an interest in crocheting and she loves these! The crochet hooks are well made, sturdy and function very well. This set has a full range of sizes and even comes with additional items -thread snips, pins for keeping track of your work progress, a row counter (so you don’t lose track of your rows and have to go back and count them all again) and a nice durable case.


It is easy for me to review this Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set, 9 Ergonomic because it is a great product. Anyone that has ever crocheted know we all have our favorite hoops. I like to use crochet thread a lot of the time and what I have found using the Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set is that that the softness of the end I hold along with the size is so much easier to work with and my hand does not get as tired as with the hooks that are completely metal and smaller around. With the set I received 9 different sizes of hooks so I have had one for all the projects I have done since receiving them. I used the smallest one which is a 2.0mm to crochet around the top of baby socks for my granddaughter. It was so nice to have such a great case that the hooks came in.”


This crochet set is gorgeous!! It came highly recommended by very close friends of mine who use them so I thought I’d give them a go and I see why! They are soooo comfortable to hold and manipulate with yarn. The handles are made of that malleable grippy plastic that sort of moulds to your hand with pressure. It doesn’t change shape. It just gives to increased pressure so you don’t end up with the kind of sore spots you would get with other hooks. The bright colors make it really fun to use and the little carrying case is such a bonus!! Just like my friends, I HIGHLY recommend this to any crochet enthusiast whether you’re a beginner or a pro.



The Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set of 9 aluminium crochet hooks with ergonomic adjustable handles, sizes 2-6 mm in a travel carry case along with a 21 piece accessory kit, row counter and 20 piece markers set is available exclusively on Amazon USA. The set also includes a free baby dragon pattern. For a limited time, the set is available at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price), and now also includes additional discounts for multiple purchases.


Classy Catz are manufacturers and sole distributors of the Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set. The set may be purchased from Amazon USA. For more information please visit the Amazon Page or join the community on Facebook at

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