Critics and Fans Rave for War of the Worlds the True Story Landing on Amazon Prime!

War of the Worlds the True Story now available on Amazon Prime!
War of The Worlds the True Story continues to advance in global awareness of the movie with its landing on Amazon Prime as the BBC preps its own TV series of the story.

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Long before BBC 2 made public that a three part TV series of HG Wells’ book The War of the Worlds, penned by screenwriter Peter Hartness, Doctor Who, will begin photography this spring, and will be placed in the Victorian era, an already created, critically acclaimed version of Wells’ classic continues to gain new fans on Amazon Prime.

What if the Earth Mars war from H.G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds wasn’t just a story but actually happened? That is the premise of Timothy Hines’ WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY, contender in the 85th Academy Award Oscars, including consideration for best adapted screenplay, best editing and best original score.

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Timothy Hines’ last movie, “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE”. Starring Caroline Barry (“Words & Actions”), Christopher Lambert (“Highlander”, “Mortal Kombat”), Julia Chantrey (“Mama”), Alexandra Callas (“A Good Day to Die Hard”), and Kelly LeBrock (“Weird Science”, “Hard to Kill”) is available today on Amazon Prime with an easy click of a button: 10 Days in a Madhouse was created in association with TriCoast Worldwide and was produced by Susan Goforth and executive producers Strath Hamilton, Marcy Hamilton, Saskia Larsen and Donovan Le. Christina Ricci and Judith Light are walking in the footsteps of director Hines’ vision and will star in a Lifetime remake of Nellie Bly’s story next year.

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