Crime/Drama Feature Film ‘3Roads’ Now on Kickstarter

Auckland, NZ – On July 9th, Arcpitch Films launched a Kickstarter campaign for ‘3Roads,’ a new feature-length drama that explores the story of three best friends who are forced into carrying out a crime, leading to an unexpected turn of events. Vowing to never speak of the crime, the characters are forced to revisit the incident throughout the film and come to terms with what they’ve done and how far they are willing to go to keep it a secret. 

“This story is about three friends who made a choice that will not only affect their lives, but also the lives of everyone around them. The film will take the audience back to a time in their life when they made a decision and make them wonder ‘what if I had chosen another path?’” – Arcpitch Films Team.

Having worked on TVC’s and various film/TV productions, Corey and Richard, the founders of Arcpitch Films, decided to finance ‘3Roads’ through Kickstarter, an increasingly popular crowdfunding website for filmmakers and creative types. Kickstarter allows fans to support the film project through its production phase while also having access to “perks” like tickets to the private screening and ‘3Roads’ posters. 

“The only rule about film making is that there are no rules you have to keep pushing boundaries and keep experimenting, new things will always come up and that’s when you realized that you have a story to tell.” – Arcpitch Films Team.

The Kickstarter campaign will help finance film equipment and festival circuit fees. In addition, it will give fans an inside scoop behind the scenes of ‘3Roads,’ including exclusive updates and the chance to be an executive producer of the film. 

For the next 14 days, the project will be accepting pledges on Kickstarter. In addition to offering unique perks, the founding team has also agreed to donate 70% of the profit that the film to charity. 

“Our mission is to tell a good story. No matter what happens, you are there with us” – Arcpitch Films Team.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter campaign here or contact the creators below. 

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Phone: 339-203-2841
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