Crimean Referendum Website and Russia National Website Have Been Attacked by DDoS from America

April 11, 2014-China-Recently, blog of ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited released interesting news about one political DDoS attack. The Crimean referendum website has been attack by DDoS by hackers, which could be regarded as one political affair as the internal disorder of Ukrainia.

The staff of this referendum website said:” The attack appeared at one o’clock of March 16th. This new round attack should be the most advanced one and we could not know how to deal with it.”

The editor from official website of ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited which is the best online DDoS Protection supplier said that some experts successfully found the source of the attack for Crimean referendum website. The truly source is that before the launching of this attack the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign conducted a massive sweep of this Crimean site. So, the attacker should be possible from United States.

Other related news also reported that series of the Russian state organs site was attacked by DDoS attacks at 14th of March, including Russian President Website, website of the Foreign Ministry of Russia and the central bank’s website. In addition, the same hackers also attacked several NATO website at the morning of 16th.

This news shoe with people the information that the DDos attacks could cause into greatly result for personal, business and national website and server. So, the related Anti DDoS Mitigation should be very necessary in today’s Internet world.

The DDoS is the abbreviation of the word compound Distributed Denial of Service. This kind of hack attack refers to the aid of client and server technology to multiple many computers together as an attack platform which will launch attack to one or more target. The combination of many computer and servers could exponentially increase denial of service attacks power. Typically, an attacker uses a stolen account to install the DDoS master on a computer. Then, the master program will communicate with a large number of agents within the set time. Frankly speaking, the agent program have already been installed on many computers on the Internet.

So far, the conducting for the DDoS attack defense of private client is quite difficult. Firstly, the feature of this DDoS attack makes the use of the vulnerabilities of TCP and IP protocol. If people do not have and use TCP and IP, the DDoS attack will not appear and this problem could be completely avoided. However, this is impossible. That is why people need to DDoS service from professional server such as ClearDDoS Technology ( The senior security experts of this famous service supplier gave with peopl vivid metaphor:” DDoS attack should be the same as people receiving 1 thousand phones calling by different people at very short period of time at home. In this case, how does people’s friend call them?

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