9 October, 2017 – CREDEROOM, a digital era fintech company that is known for evoking high-flying deeds in the world of crypto currency, proudly announces their ICO campaign. They are a team of financial, security, legal and technical experts who are raising funds in order to develop a lending company which will operate throughout the European Union. All the 28 EU states were divided into 4 Zones taking into consideration the population, economics and business environment of the states.

We have spent time on the development of our ideas, concept, vision and business plan and now we are ready to present our project to th epublic. We are making an offer to everyone who would like to become a part of the brand new, future world of Fintech. We have developed and used this platform however it needs more development which will achieved through crowdfunding,” said Oleg Pashkovsky of CREDEROOM.

The platform will be fully maximized with the help of crowdfunding. CREDEROOM offers 50.000.000 CDRT tokens during public ICO campaign, the price of 1 CDRT token is 1 EUR and the tokens which are not sold during ICO campaign will be destroyed. CREDEROOM is making every possible step to ensure that the value of CDRT tokens is high for the benefit of all existing tokens holders and potential tokens buyers by not emitting additional tokens, listing tokens on crypto exchanges and by hold reward campaigns such as tokens buy-back campaign and profit equivalent campaign.

CDRT tokens are smart contracts released by CREDEROOM which are compatible with any ERC20 Ethereum wallets. Upon its release, CDRT tokens will be sent to buyers’ Ethereum address. The tokens will be sold for crypto currency and the exact exchange rate will be calculated at the time of purchase. There is no form of bias as all the CDRT tokens released by CREDEROOM are equal and owners have the same rights. Early investors have the benefit of receiving bonus CDRT tokens.

CREDEROOM constantly collects and update their customers’ data; the company’s performance was greatly boosted using the analytics on collected data and modern methods of communication and marketing. They also plan to develop a high-powerscalable platform which is aimed at ease management of financial assets and marketing actions. They offer loans to segments that are not currently supported by regular money lender. The company has a high cost-benefit ratio and perform better as a result of their open-source API and modern technologies.

The published whitepaper covers the business, technical and legal aspects of the project, the road map of its development and the description of the technologies for the CREDEROOM infrastructure we are working on.

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