Creating Flipbooks Now Is Easy With the Free Flipbook Creator from FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder launches a free flipbook creator that allows users to easily convert PDF files into flipbooks that are compatible with all the devices.

For many, it has been a struggle to realize that although their document is beautiful, it just isn’t living up to their expectations. There is nothing wrong with the document itself, it’s just that the format is so limiting and cold. The folks behind FlipBuilder saw this problem and worked to solve it. As Alan Chen, designer of FlipBuilder, said, “We saw a need in the market for this kind of software and we knew we were the best ones to fill it.” Now they launch a free flipbook creator turning bland PDF documents into interactive and fun digital flipbooks. Because these flipbooks are on a computer, it allows the user to do just about anything with them. Users can add music, animation, even videos directly to the flipbook. Creating the flipbooks is easy.

FlipBuilder even has different programs for different source files, such as PDF or Word document. With a few clicks, users can turn almost anything into a polished and unique flipbook. FlipBuilder worked hard to make the experience of reading these flipbooks as immersive as possible. With their layout, marketers can create collateral that will make people rush to buy their product. Newlyweds can create an album with their pictures and the best videos of the night, ensuring they’ll never forget any of the special moments from that wonderful night. With the option for a trifold brochure as well as the standard two-page option, FlipBuilder has created a platform that can fill any need. The possibilities are endless.

FlipBuilder has also worked hard to make sure their product is compatible with a variety of file types and needs. Users can take PDFs, Word files, PowerPoint files, even images and turn them into interactive and interesting flipbooks. The flipbooks themselves can be distributed in many ways as well. They are written using Flash and HTML5, so they are versatile and will work on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Users will be able to view the flipbooks either online or offline. When users create a flipbook, they make a file that can be read on any computer, so it is easy to share and enjoy.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder was founded on the promise of making easy-to-use software that would let anyone create a professional-looking and polished flipbook. They have followed through on that promise and have made sure that it is as easy as possible to share the finished flipbooks. For more information, check out their website at

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