Creating Bespoke MP3 Audio Affirmations “A Growing Trend”, Says StimulateMind

NEW YORK, US – April 11th, 2018 – As the results of numerous psychology studies have highlighted the importance of creating and repeating affirmations as a means to advance personal development, a growing number of people have turned to their practice – with a DIY twist. StimulateMind, the leading MP3 audio affirmation creation website, has recently shared that its traffic has grown considerably during the past year, with clicks coming from all around the globe.

“I initially created StimulateMind in 2015 for myself and my friends to convert some positive affirmations into audio with music to listen to. However, soon after that I realized its tremendous potential in helping others fine-tune their subconscious mind into helping them create the life they want, and deserve” said Mr.Vishnu (CEO) and Mrs.Sankari Vishnu (FOUNDER), creators of Stimulated Mind.

StimulateMind allows users to customize or reuse over 1000 text affirmations to create their personalized audio affirmation file, selecting from over 20 voices and 100 background music tracks, with the option to add background images, as well as on-screen text to help them read their affirmations while simultaneously listening to them. What’s more, users further have the option to select “subliminal mode”, which promises to increase their affirmation’s manifestation power, and even synchronize their affirmation audio to the earth’s 7.83 Hz frequency. Once created, Stimulated Mind affirmation files can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

“The website now counts hundreds of subscribers that have created thousands of bespoke audio files that serve to boost their morale, and bring them one step closer to achieve personal fulfillment and inner peace. I pledge to continue to incorporate many more exciting elements to Stimulated Mind, in order to offer a highly personalized user experience.”

Stimulated Mind offers three monthly tiered subscription plans – Silver, Gold and Platinum, offering various perks and benefits. Those wishing to register to Stimulated Mind can find the subscription plan that best suits their needs through here.

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