Creaghan Harry’s Valuable Insights on BPO Employee Motivation

The owner of the most established business process outsourcing organisation, the Procall, believes in an improvement plan where the enterprise and its people are both involved. BPO employees in this fast-paced business environment and corporatisation often tend to experience massive pressure and workload. As a successful entrepreneur and possessing years of experience in the BPO field, Harrystresses on the wellbeing of organisations as a whole.

The mastermind thinks that a workplace can only be improved when the employees are satisfied from all ends. According to Creaghan Harry, agents will dedicatedly invest effort, time and endeavour only if they are leveraged with complete office environment comfort. Now, the idea of ultimate office space comfort does not indicate core materialistic facilities but also involves sufficing specific needs and crucial requirements of employees. Harry has introduced an extended analysis on how to gain employee satisfaction and keep adding fuel to the fire of work motivation.

Harry’s way of carving out the perfect corporate culture

As opined by Creaghan Harry, the foremost factor that influences the dedication and performance of an employee is a sound working environment along with decent work culture. The idea of corporate culture is camouflaged with several myths in the eyes of many business owners. Well, establishing a standard corporate culture and encouraging employees does not require a bank-breaking expenditure.

Corporate culture and employee motivation are two factors that are directly proportional, and motivation can be introduced and initiated in multiple forms. Harry shares that the first step to initiate employee motivation is by providing them with a comfortable environment to work in. Surviving the BPO environment might not be easy for all as it includes individuals from a diversified cultural background. Moreover, unlike other fields, a BPO employee needs to be hyperaware and alert around the clock being the medium of interaction between the company and its customers. Employees represent the brand or company directly and require all aspects of comfort and facilities in the workplace. 

Creaghan Harry and his company Procall being the role model to the enterprises in the BPO industry, shares that attrition rates can be dramatically reduced if employees are provided with even the fundamental facilities. This can be achieved with minimum cost with the help of few smart tactics. The next significant thing is to initiate integrated communication with employees on a frequent interval.

The senior management department plays an active role in accelerating the anticipations, thoughts and actions of call centre agents and employees. Taking initiates to create a welcoming environment, keeping track of employee feedbacks, organising employee-centric events and most importantly making employees feel valuable can work wonders for BPO enterprises to boost in lightning speed.

Lack of employee motivation is one of the leading reasons or the increasing rates of attrition in most BPO enterprises and diminishing the occurrence is no rocket science. The abovementioned tactics and insights shared by the dynamic personality had added value to the lives of several BPO business owners and helped them emerge as leaders in the ever-advancing BPO industry.

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