Craig Zamary Achieves Ironman Status in the 2018 Swim, Bike and Run Event

Craig Zamary, an entrepreneurial leader and team builder focused on latest technologies and innovations, is now an Ironman. Craig took part in the 2018 Ironman Swim, Bike and Run event and completed it successfully.

The Ironman Triathlon is considered to be one of the most difficult one-day sporting events of the world, testing the mettle of the best performers and sportsmen. With a limited time of 17 hours, a typical Ironman event requires special preparation, and health boosting reinforcements as well as new technologies such as those for tracking performance and outcomes.

In 2016, Craig Zamary invited innovators and companies from around the world to submit their products and services that would help prospective Ironmans to complete the competition. These included new food items, clothing, and products to help with training, sustenance and recovery. Some of these select innovations can be checked on Craig’s article published in Huffington Post.

Craig tested and reviewed the most promising innovations before, during and after the Ironman. He also invited universities, incubators, accelerators, inventors and other entities to submit their products and service for review.

Craig Zamary’s Ironman achievement further bolsters his credentials as an entrepreneurial leader and builder of teams that aim to deliver great customer experiences. He is involved with issues such as whether Artificial Intelligence could help detect medical conditions before they blow into complete health issues. Craig is also engaged with ventures, non-profit leadership, higher education and research institutes to assist others realize their full potential.

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