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There are scores of different reasons you may have for building an app. Whether you are crafting the app for business or personal pursuits, it is critical for the app to be comprised of a number of helpful special features. Of course, not every app builder comes with the same array of appealing features. For those wondering what to look for, the following are a few of the top features that should be implementable on your final app with any decent app builder, especially one that can make mobile apps fast.

About Us – If you are in business, it is strongly advisable to utilize a feature capable of conveying information about your product, service, or company, and do so in an easy to understand manner. An “about us” app helps with this task immensely, and all business owners should specifically look for this feature.

Scheduler – As is the case with any entrepreneur, your weekly schedule is likely going to be a really busy one. Surely, there are a lot of things you have to juggle and doing so has a tendency to be overwhelming. A good schedule making/managing feature will ensure your app supports the ability to remain on time with your responsibilities, and get to where you have to go without troubles.

Social Feeds – Social media is probably the quickest and easiest venue in which to disseminate information. Through putting information on your various profiles through a “social feeds” feature on an app that promotes photos, videos, and text takes little effort.

User Engagement – Interactions with users present a lot of benefits. Maybe you wish to share special offers, or just photos with one particular person and not to everyone on a social media platform. The “user engagement” feature could help immensely with this and various other functions.

Reports & Forms – Depending on the type of business you are operating, people may have to fill out and submit forms. You might even be required to fill out several common forms consistently due to the type of business you run. Why run around looking for them? Clicking on the app is a lot easier for everyone involved.

Promotional Tools – Getting the message out becomes a lot easier with promotional tools at your fingertips. Adding a feature that helps with promotional capabilities is will definitely add value. Consider this one of the most important of all features an app builder could come with.

Coupons – Customers love to get a good deal. Allowing consumers to access special deals, discounts, and offers through an app is going to be extremely attractive to them. This feature surely will be appreciated by anyone wishing to save money.  Be sure to find a good software that can make mobile apps fast.  This can really expedite the process.

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Advanced Analytics – How could you know whether or not the app is actually working? What features are being used the most and by whom? With a decent analytics feature, this information will be right at your disposal. Upon easily reviewing the information displayed via the app, the ability to make adjustments and improvements to the app is streamlined.

A bit of effort may be required to find the right app builder, but the extra work is going to be worth it. After all, you want the finished product to present all the features necessary for the app to do its job right.

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