Course telling you how to clean different kinds of stains on your backpack

Today, this article will teach you how to clean different kinds of stains on your canvas backpack. For more information, please visit website

Ball-point pen stains

If your sexy womens underwear meets with this problem, you could add a small amount of soap and toothpaste into the washing water and then gently rub the bag. If there is still the scars of ball pen, please use such amount of alcohol wipe can be removed.

Milk stains

If it has been stained with milk, the general cold water could help to wash it down.

Juice stains

For this kind of stains, you can first sprinkle some salt on it and gently moistened the stained part with water then soaking it in soapy water for later washing. On the other hand, you could also drip a few drops of vinegar one the juice stains and then rub the stained part with your hand with the gently actions. After that process, please use clean water to finish the washing process.

Blue ink stains

For this kind of situation, please soak your backpack for school in canvas material in warm water which has been added into the detergent and suitable amount of acid. If the stains could not be washed, it can be combined with 10% aqueous ammonia.

Lipstick stains

Please first use small brush dipped in petrol to gently rub grease of the lipstick on your sexy summer dresses. Then, please use the warm detergent solution to wash the stain part. For those severe stains, the stained part can be placed in a gasoline for washing.


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