Coupecoin ICO Offer Is Designed With a Special Guaranteed

Special ICO Offers a Great Ability For People To Get Profit

November 01, 2017: The Coupecoin initial coin offering is being promoted as a new investment opportunity for people to take a look at with regards to potential profits. The Coupecoin ICO will start on November 7 and is specifically called the Coupecoin Fusion or CECF sale. The coin is being highlighted as a strong investment opportunity that offers a bit of protection for those looking to get the most out of such an offering.

This is being utilized with an Ethereum base. This base is supported by one of the more prominent cryptocurrencies around. Ethereum has the second-largest share in the cryptocurrency market with only the bitcoin being larger. The coin has also been growing in value and prominence at around the same rate as that of the bitcoin in recent time.

The Ethereum base is especially vital as it focuses heavily on smart contracts. This includes support for getting certain transactions managed quickly and effortlessly. It can trigger particular transactions in as little time as possible when used right.

Formed by owned Christian Kretzschmar, this new ICO is being promoted with 2.65 million coins for sale. These include a bonus of 5% for select transactions depending on what people deposit in the process.

A special success guarantee is included in the offering as well. Kretzschmar has introduced this as a special offer to instill confidence within the program. It even has a 100% buy back guarantee for those who are concerned about the program and want an extra bit of support for getting a quality deal up and running.

This move comes amid the ongoing growth of the cryptocurrency market. The market has been expanding over time to include many great investments with the potential for people to get money. The Coupecoin is expected to be an intriguing option for people to take a look at.

A roadmap and whitepaper relating to the ICO can be found online at This will be an appealing ICO as Coupecoin offers a good layout that is confident and distinct in a special way. The ICO will start on November 7 and is expected to be a popular activity for investment purposes.

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