Costa Mesa Medical Examiner Writes Hot, Steamy Novel

Costa Mesa, Ca – Download the free chapter of Dr. Carol Soloway’s novel Sex Happens (

Download the free chapter of Dr. Carol Soloway’s novel Sex Happens ( There’s one thing we all want — sometimes even more than life. It’s love. We all want to be loved. What woman hasn’t dreamed about her wedding — imagined herself in the beautiful dress with a long train, her parents beaming and, of course, the perfect groom.

But the reality is that one in two marriages end every minute. Yes, one in two.

At one time or another, many of us have fallen in love –with the wrong person. At first, we’re sure he’s right. We think we really, really know him. Then, he turns out to be wrong:  Maybe he cheats on us, commits a  crime, or abuses us. Or maybe he takes the children from us. He might even try to kill us or have us killed.

It’s all in SEX HAPPENS, a book that every woman can relate to.

Every woman will see herself on at least one of the pages in this novel—maybe even the entire story!! There is so much to relate to—love, sex, disappointment, betrayal, and even abuse.

SEX HAPPENS is the story about a woman named Alex who has the perfect life. She’s living the dream: married to a medical doctor with three adorable children and a storybook house overlooking a canyon. She has a thriving chiropractic practice of her own, and her patients love her.

Then on what was supposed to have been their 20th anniversary weekend getaway, her life is completely taken away from her. Her husband tells her he’s been having sex with another woman, he’s fallen in love, and he wants a divorce.

She is shocked, searing pain-in-the-heart shocked. Sure, she suspected something. She and her husband hadn’t had sex in months, and he had been spending more and more time at the hospital. But, she rationalizes as we all do. She thinks he’s just overworked, stressed, distracted. 

But, she is wrong, completely wrong. Her husband not only cheated on her, but he proceeds to blindside her by taking their children!  I won’t give away how he did it, but he cleverly convinces the judge to take custody of their children away from her.

She wants her children more than life and will do anything to regain custody. But he wants the children, too, and he’s also determined to get them even if it means destroying everything and everyone—even  her!  I’m not going to reveal his ingenious plot to destroy her. You’ll have to page-turn for that.

Sex Happens – a very sexy novel about divorce. I’m going to confess, I read it page by page, paragraph by paragraph, cover to cover; I couldn’t get my mind off it!”

— Bonnie D. Graham (Host: Read My Lips on BlogTalk Radio)

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