Copywriting Is King For Business Sales

When it comes to sales, a good salesman can sell a product much more effectively than any letter, flyer or store special offer. But what happens on a website, whereby you don’t have the luxury of being able to speak with your customer. Rule Of Three, a UK based copywriting service believe that what you say on your website, and how it is worded is key to getting more online sales.

The art of copywriting has been around for centuries, and it is something that we generally take for granted in terms of advertising. Not many advertisers truly understand copywriting and the benefit it can have on the sales process. However, professional copywriters can assist businesses with their marketing campaigns, in order to deliver better results.

With most sales now happening online, it is safe to say that copywriting has grown from a small part of a marketing campaign, to one of the most important parts. Every website needs content, and if that content is for a business that wants to generate a sale or conversion of some sort, then copywriting comes in to play.

Leading The Way in Internet Advertising:

The Internet has also brought us pay-per-click advertising, and with more and more companies getting on the PPC bandwagon businesses really need to stand out with their copy and branding to cut it above the rest.

According to Rule of Three, most companies’ websites fail purely because of bad practices in terms of their copywriting. Instead of focusing on punchy, direct sales headlines; well written articles to induce buyers, and well placed images within content to assist with the sales process – website owners are leaving the copywriting up to website designers.

A spokesman at Rule of Three, had this to say: “Website designers are often great at what they do. They can create exceptionally well designed sites, which look physically and aesthetically pleasing. However, this doesn’t mean they are any good at writing content for your site, or producing headlines that will assist your sales process.

“You wouldn’t employ a plumber to fix your car, so it’s strange that business owners allow web designers to write the content that effective represents their entire business.”

Rule of Three Increase Sales Conversions:

Rule of Three are so convinced that they are able to improve a website’s conversion (the amount of people that visit a site, compared to the amount of people that take an action, e.g. phoning a number, sending a form, downloading a PDF), that they are now offering a free review of business websites in the UK.

If you have a website for your business and are interested in achieving more sales with better copywriting, simply speak with Rule of Three by visiting their website or calling them directly on +44 020 7118 0333.

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