Control the intake of calories to lose weight easily

Stop take in sugar fully.

In theory, take in 90 grams of sugar per day, provide 370 kcal of calories is enough, The daily intake of sugar from the meals inside has been close to 90 grams ,(the sugar content in the grain are quite high), So, if you do not eat snacks in daily, intake of sugar from meals is good. However, the vast majority of people daily intake of sugar is far greater than this number, And this is the most important factor in the vast majority of excessive heat. Take in 100 more grams of sugar, then would take in 420 more calories, And 420 kcal of heat accounted for more than 20% of demand of the day, This additional 100 grams of sugar would complement all of glycogen in your body, it takes at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise to remove the extra heat. O at least you need to take botanical slimming to burn the extra heat.

So the first step, if you want to lose weight, you should stop take in sugar in addition to the normal three meals a day. Once want to eat food with high sugar, choose fruit instead. Though the fruit also has sugar, compared with others, that in the fruit is so low. And fruits contain high fiber, which is beneficial to the body. meizitang can curb the appetite well, which if offered on

Water is a very important element in the human body, And drink plenty of water will speed up the metabolism, increases energy consumption in disguise. But many people do not love to drink water, because the water did not taste How to make your own drink enough water to meet the demand of sugar, get away from drinks? One way is honey. 20 grams of honey, contains 17 grams of sugar. Though sugar content is actually very high, only add a few grams of honey will add sweet taste to the water, compared to hundreds of grams of coke, it simply turned a profit. And honey itself is able to promote digestion, promote metabolism. So put a small bottle of honey in the office, whenever you want to drink any drinks, get a glass of pale honey water is OK.

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