Contractor in Charge Provides Virtual Office Services, Helping Service Trades Enhance Customer Relationships

In a new statement to the press, Contractor in Charge announces the relaunch of its virtual office services—empowering service trade companies to facilitate better and more fruitful customer interactions.

No matter the industry or the type of business, customer goodwill is important; it’s impossible for any company to succeed without prioritizing positive customer relationships. The problem many companies face is that customer service is costly in and of itself, and sometimes those positive relationships are difficult to manage. Contractor in Charge has announced the relaunch of its virtual office solutions, aimed exclusively at home service trades such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical companies; these virtual office functions provide service trades with a cost-effective way to ensure happy customers.

“By outsourcing your customer service needs to our virtual office staff, you can ensure that there’s someone there to answer the phones and handle customer calls,” says Lynn Wise, founder of Contractor in Charge. “What’s more, it is a much more cost-effective approach than hiring someone to answer phones full-time, or overtaxing your already-busy staff.”

Virtual office services offer some similarity to call centers—but also some crucial differences. “The issue is one of quality versus quantity,” Wise notes. “Traditional call centers just want to push through as many calls as possible. Our virtual office solutions are all about ensuring customer satisfaction. We don’t just push through calls; we actually provide customers with a great experience, and ultimately get an appointment set for your company.”

The benefits of this approach are numerous. With Contractor in Charge’s virtual office team, service trades can field more calls, and they can do so more affordably; they can ensure that customers who call in have a truly satisfying experience; and they can convert as many of those calls as possible into real appointments with paying customers.

“You don’t want any calls to go unanswered, or any customer to receive suboptimal responses to their inquiries,” Wise notes. “Our virtual office solutions can minimize these risks, and help your service trade take advantage of every opportunity.”

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Contractor in Charge helps plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other service trade companies to run their businesses as profitably and as efficiently as possible. The company’s service offerings include full-service bookkeeping and accounting, cash management, Interim CFO services, and diverse front office solutions. Its founder, Lynn Wise, is a Certified Profit First Professional with a passion for helping small companies become highly profitable. The goal of Contractor in Charge is to empower service trade business owners to focus on training their field technicians and serving their customers—confident that their business is growing properly and generating profits. More information about Contractor in Charge can be found at

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