Content Creation and Effective Marketing is Key to Corporate Success, Comments Grammar Chic, Inc.

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., provides tips for business owners looking to create engaging content that draws readers in and, ultimately, supports brand expansion.

Content marketing has become an integral aspect of a successful promotional strategy thanks, in large part, to the advent of the World Wide Web. Companies are turning to the Internet to expand brand visibility and attract new clients by posting content on blogs, websites, social networking sites and more. While content marketing is certainly a must for today’s most successful organizations, President and Editor-In Chief of Grammar Chic, Inc. Amanda E. Clark asserts that simply posting content is not enough; in order to optimize the results that business owners see from their content marketing efforts, they must create engaging posts that are appealing to their target demographic. Here, Clark responds to an article posted by Fast Company that explains one of the many tricks to writing content that works.

The article provides several tips to business owners regarding content generation tactics. The first of these is to reuse information wisely, rather than simply repurpose content that other individuals have published. The idea is explained by James Chartrand, who is the founder and owner of Men with Pens: “It’s clearly been established that reusing content just to fill your blog doesn’t work. Just recycling the same old content and using the same old approach as everyone else in your niche means you’re going to fade into the background.”

Chartrand goes on to recommend that business owners take a fresh approach by making their content personal. For instance, they should think about the advice they are trying to give and tie it in with stories that will captivate readers. Ultimately, the goal is to show how a certain piece of information will benefit readers rather than simply tell them.

“The advice of ‘show, don’t tell’ has been passed around by writers for decades,” comments Clark. “When generating content for a business, it is important that professionals create a personal angle that readers can hold onto. For instance, when writing about content creation, I might pen a blog post that describes my own experience generating content for businesses. This personal touch allows readers to connect with the copy and it’s something that I try to incorporate on the Grammar Chic blog.”

One of the other pieces of advice that is provided by the article is to make time to generate quality content. This, Clark notes, is one of the most challenging aspects of content marketing that business owners face.

“The reality of content marketing is that business owners need to do their due diligence in terms of determining what readers are interested in and how to best deliver that information,” Clark asserts. “Looking for interesting articles and blog posts to share, finding information from industry experts and developing creative topic ideas are all part of the content marketing process; however, it’s true that most business owners simply don’t have time to set aside an entire day for content generation each week, as the article suggests. To these individuals I would highly recommend the assistance of a professional writing service.”

Clark goes on to explain that the team at Grammar Chic, Inc. has mastered the art of finding and sharing compelling information through content generation best practices. Business owners who partner with Grammar Chic are able to benefit in numerous ways, including the ability to post high quality content that reflects the values and image of their brand and the opportunity to reap the rewards of successful content generation without having to dedicate the time necessary to achieve it.

Clark encourages interested individuals to call (803) 831-7444 or email for more information regarding Grammar Chic, Inc.’s content creation services.  


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