Connect, Meet, Share and Learn When Travelling With Busihub

Julien Mansourian, Founder of Busihub  recently introduced his new social and professional networking website for travelers and is about to launch the mobile application in just a month from now. The aim of the mobile application  will be to facilitate expansion of knowledge and collaboration between like-minded people from around the world by connecting frequent travellers who are open to meeting others on the similar wavelength socially and professionally. The new mobile application will be launched in June 2015 and users will be able to download it via iTunes or Google Play.

The value proposition of Busihub clearly explains that the application’s fundamental purpose is to expedite face to face meeting of similar people for exchange of knowledge or increased potential of collaborative efforts between them. Therefore the focus lies on real connection of people  from around the world, rather than just providing them with a platform to build and maintain their  profiles.

Busihub Founder Julien Mansourian explained: “It is a meeting place and not a platform where members can communicate virtually. We do not require our members to provide us with full details about their life. Nothing is compulsory in Busihub.”

He further added: “If you are an open networker and you are the type of person who is keen to meet new people, cultures and skills, then come and join us. We only intend to collect optional data from you composed of your professional/social interests, your location and your travel plans so that we can find the right individual matching your interests wherever you are across the globe. If you check-in, you will be able to see people matching your requirements and you choose to meet them or not.”

Matching people is done by a logarithm that searches, pin points and suggests like-minded members to each member. The logarithm considers factors such as future location, calendar, interests and availability. Members can send a meet up request to one or several connections.

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