CONCOX TECH launched new series of GPS tracking watch for children

Nov 1, 2014-China-In order to ensure the security of kids, those parents think about many methods to let them timely get the location information about their children. However, these traditional methods are very Inefficiency and high cost. Recently, famous GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N supplier launches the newly practical GPS watch which not only has the advantages of small size and portable but also has very convenient GPS locating function. Now, please read this article and get more information about the strong points for their GPS watches.

The GPS tracking watch from adopt the wrist type and hanging type two designs. This device could also meet with the function of viewing time and then it integrates into the world’s first point positioning technology. In the using process for GPS tracking watch, guardian could direct get the position information of the watch wearer via SMS without going through the special platform and paying monthly fees. This function let this device become very convenient.

Another highlight of the GPS watch which is one kind of gm02 is the clear loudspeaker. Compared to other monitors, GPS watches wearers do not need to wear a headset to dialogue with the guardian. The wearer could directly communicate with the guardian by the built-in speakers.

In addition, the operation process for the GPS watches is also very simple. People should only need to insert a SIM card and then bound the GPS watches and cell phones of guardian. The guardian will be able to directly query specific location information, including addresses, images, latitude and longitude of the GPS tracking watch wear via SMS.

If the guardian wants to know about the detailed position of guardianship object, the only thing they need to do is sending one SMS. A few seconds later, the exact location information for the GPS watch wearer will be send to the phone of the guardian. In addition, the GPS watch built-in microphone enables the remote monitoring function. When the children get lost or in danger, the alarm function could be achieved via the SOS button on the watch. After getting the SOS alarm, the guardian could timely get communication with their kids by the built-in microphone of the GPS watch.

At last, as the standby time of the GPS watch could be up to 60 to 72 and the full load operation time could also reach to 10 hours. The problem of discontinuous monitoring for the kids could be totally eliminated.

Apart from all strong points above, the GPS watch from iconcox phone GPS tracker supplier still owns many other good points and each consumer could know more about these good features by carefully visiting their official website.

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