Commercial Cleaning Company in San Diego Maintains Healthy Workplace

JAN-PRO of San Diego sets a new industry standard for commercial cleaning in San Diego, CA with its cleaning and disinfecting products and procedures.

Arriving at businesses in neat uniforms and photo ID badges, the professional cleaning technicians at JAN-PRO of San Diego set the bar for a higher level of commercial cleaning than ever before achieved. This commercial cleaning company provides superior service to medical facilities, offices, churches, schools, day care centers and businesses. Call 858-790-8713 or visit the Website at for information about the best commercial cleaning in the San Diego, CA area.

Two things make JAN-PRO of San Diego unique – proprietary processes and products. All employees receive exacting training in this commercial cleaning company’s methods of doing business. The first principle is that everything must not only be clean, it must be sanitary, too. For example, they learn that changing mop heads often prevents the spread of dirt and that using wiping cloths of different colors prevents cross contamination.

Among the most important schooling is in the company’s proprietary cleaning system EnviroShield and product EnviroTru®. These take cleaning to a whole new level.

Using the EnviroShield system, a cleaning professional sprays an area that needs cleaning with a spray bottle with a special nozzle. The nozzle gives the EnviroTru cleaning spray a negative electrostatic charge so that the cleaning solution actually adheres to the surface. The results are a superior job of killing germs and bacteria. Thus, the areas that are cleaned receive disinfecting and deodorizing as well.

While the company’s processes and products are up to hospital standards, they are also non-toxic so they do not harm to people or the environment. For more about these special processes and products, call JAN-PRO® of San Diego at 858-790-8713.

JAN-PRO of San Diego performs commercial cleaning according to the desires of business clients and its own high standards. The first step is a meeting to outline a company’s cleaning needs. After the cleaning crew leaves, an expert performs a 100-point cleaning inspection to ensure cleaning perfection. To learn more about JAN-PRO® of San Diego visit the Website at

JAN-PRO of San Diego serves many commercial clients in San Diego and the surrounding California cities.

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