Combination Air Spa and Whirlpool Baths from Verona Now At Lower Prices at JT Spas

Whirlpool baths have indeed taken the world by storm. Thanks to modern innovations, whirlpool baths are more accessible and affordable than ever, and they come in a wide range of styles and offer a variety of wonderful features. One spectacular example is the Verona combination air spa and whirlpool bath, now available at a lower price only at JT Spas.

JT Spas is the go-to place for bathroom products, and its selection is vast indeed. For anyone looking for bathroom accessories, taps, basins, toilets, radiators, baths, showers, and more, JT Spas has plenty to offer – and all at more affordable prices too.

But one of the continuously popular products at JT Spas is the whirlpool bath. Whirlpool baths were common in spas and fitness centres in the past, but today, because of the array of manufacturers who are now specialising in whirlpool baths and coming up with some excellent designs and features, more homeowners can avail of a whirlpool bath without worrying about the price and installation. Some whirlpool baths available today even come with outstanding cleaning features, which make them easier to maintain.

One excellent example of a whirlpool bath decked with a selection of brilliant features is the Verona whirlpool bath, which is a combination air spa and whirlpool bath. Customers can take advantage of a significant investment with this whirlpool bath, particularly with its deluxe touchpad and electronic control system. It even has an inline heater, which means that the water in the bath will be kept warm through continuous heating while using the bath. And there’s more good news: the Verona whirlpool bath is now available for the very low price of £749, which brings it down from its standard price of £1850.

There are many other reasons why the Verona whirlpool bath is a popular alternative to standard whirlpool baths. As already mentioned, it is a combination air spa and whirlpool bath, and it comes with ten air spa jets at the bath’s base. Customers will not only be able to take advantage of the actual whirlpool system – they will also enjoy the jets right at the bottom of the bath. The bath also features underwater LED lighting, and it has a pillow for a more relaxing bath, six adjustable jets, and built-in taps and speakers. To view the latest and most affordable collection of freestanding baths at JT Spas, go to

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JT Spas promises the best in quality and affordability with its massive selection of products which are expressly for the modern bathroom – from bathroom accessories and furniture to toilets, taps, basins, baths, shower enclosures, and whirlpool baths. To see the varied collection of whirlpool baths at JT Spas, visit the site.   

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