CombatCon 2018 to Host HEMA Tournaments in Las Vegas

July 9, 2108 – Las Vegas, NV – ­­CombatCon 2018 is being hosted at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas beginning on August 2nd – 5th. It is the only convention centralized on real martial artists, stage combatants, stunt professionals, experts in tactical combat and personal protection. At this year’s staging CombatCon will be hosting the increasingly popular Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Tournaments.

The HEMA tournaments feature four major categories namely the Synthetic Longsword, Open Steel Longsword, Tier One: Champions of HEMA Longsword and the Women’s Tournament. Each category is determined by the level of the competitor’s skill and style of play. The Synthetic Category is the entry level tournament using synthetic trainers and it doesn’t require a cutting qualifier. Open Steel takes it up a notch for the Intermediate skill level and is for fighters who advance or close to the elimination stages or may have won a synthetic tournament; a cutting qualifier is required. Tier One is for the more advanced fighters who continuously place in the top 4 of medium to large open longsword tournaments and the Women’s Tournament is for all levels of female fighters and it does not require cutting qualifier.

Along with the HEMA Tournaments, CombatCon features 200 hours of classes for people of all skill levels in martial arts, stage and screen fighting, tactical combat and personal protection. Additionally, there are also tournaments such as The Saber Legion tournament and The Classical Foil tournament. The is also the Cosplay Contest where patrons are able to bring their own self-made weapons to enter for a chance to win. The winner is announced at the Time Traveler’s Ball which gives an opportunity for patrons to represent their favorite era in costumes and outfits which represent various cultures.

CombatCon 2018 will feature special guests Anthony De Longis, Kyle Rowling, Luke LaFontaine, Mary De Longis, Mishael Abia Lopes Cardozo and Thomas Potter. The entire weekend will feature over 34 instructions so there’ll be a lot to learn from many of the greats such as Steve Huff, Russell Mackler, Richard Marsden, Nicole Smith, Kris Pruett and Hunter Smith.

Please visit for all the details on how you can sign up and register for CombatCon and the various tournaments and classes. To learn more about the HEMA tournament visit and see how you can become a part of the fast-growing Historical Martial Arts Tournament.

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