Combat Bundle Review – Is This Fitness Pack Worth the Time and Money?

Combat Bundle

Todd Kuslikis and Funk Roberts have joined forces to release a new program containing over 70 health and fitness programs. They call this new product of theirs, Combat Bundle. The unique thing about this popular program is that this whole set of over 70 health and fitness programs is being sold at a price equivalent to only 1 of these programs.

The goal behind Combat Bundle is to offer workout principles that work across a wide variety of disciplines that include getting lean, burning fat, muscle toning and in general being fit for daily life. However, many people have been skeptical when they first heard of this particular bundle, given that it was being sold at such a low price. Therefore, we decided to check everything and here is what we found.

Because of the successful launch of this product, many sites around the internet have been releasing fake information about Combat Bundle, using its name to sell fake products costing much more than the actual legitimate Combat Bundle. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only buy the bundle from the official website here –

Who is Todd Kuslikis?

Todd is a bestselling author, trainer and a well-known fitness expert. Many people know him from the hit NBC show, The Biggest Loser. He is also the owner of the popular fitness website, Shot of Adrenaline that offers free fitness advice to people. Todd used to be skinny in his teens but he eventually discovered various techniques to build strength and muscle. Todd also created a similar bundle in 2013 and that bundle was named Bodyweight Bundle.

Who is Funk Roberts?

Funk Roberts is a very well known MMA trainer and fitness expert. He has trained dozens of athletes to become combat fit over the years. He is also an ex-MMA fighter, a kettle bell specialist and weight loss expert.

Is Combat Bundle for Real?

As mentioned above, we were also skeptical about the claims made in the combat bundle and therefore, decided to check it out on our own to find out the truth. We took a look at all of the fitness bundle promotions done in the past and eventually came to the conclusion that this particular bundle lives up to the hype. Many such bundles have been offered in the past but no other bundle has ever been released in the health market that offers this much value for money. We can definitely say that the hype on the sales pages is justified and it does offer extreme value for money.

What’s inside Combat Bundle?

Combat bundle contains 72 health and fitness programs that have been designed by 70 fitness experts. This bundle has something for everyone. Since there is a large amount of content on the package, it fits the needs of fitness enthusiasts who are looking for different programs that cater to specific areas.

It has great information on fitness, nutrition, workout as well as combat and people with interests in these areas have been lapping up this bundle. Similarly, there are excellent routines included in the bundle for professional fighters and standard routines are also included for people looking to remain fit.

One of the unique things about this bundle is that it does not become overwhelming even though there is a lot of information included in the bundle. All of the programs have been neatly organized into various topics such as nutrition, women, self-defense, combat conditioning, fitness programs, mobility and flexibility, resources for coaches and trainers and combat skill training.

Focus of Combat Bundle

Many people have been confused with the name chosen for this particular bundle, as combat is usually associated with professional fighters. However, the truth is that this bundle contains fitness programs for almost everyone. The creators of this program chose to use the word combat to imply that users can achieve combat fit state after following the programs included in this bundle.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve higher fitness level. The only thing they require is good coaching and determination to become better. We have gone through all of the programs included in this bundle and have watched the training videos. We are of the opinion that the programs included in this bundle provide excellent coaching for people to achieve higher fitness level. The only thing required is for people to invest some time to become fit.

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Does Combat Bundle Work?

The creators of this program have decades of experience in athletic training and fitness training. Both of them have helped professional fighters as well as other athletes achieve higher fitness levels. Both of them are very well-known in the fitness industry and are respected for their views and fitness programs.

Overall, the combat bundle includes everything needed to become combat fit. The only thing needed is time and the will to perform the exercises explained in the various programs inside the bundle. Thousands have tried it and have reported great results too. Given that it also comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee, we view it as a completely risk-free product and anyone who wishes to improve their body condition will be able to benefit from it.

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