Colorado Clean ASW Reveals New Biodegradable and Recyclable Water “Amphora’s” on Kickstarter

Palisade, CO – On September 3rd, Colorado Clean ASW launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product, a bbiodegradable & recyclable water container. This product, approved by the FDA and EU food commission, will bring natural spring Colorado water to the masses in a 100% recyclable Amphora bag.  

“50 billion water bottles were sold in 2013. 40 billion of them ended up in the landfill. Plastics take, at the very least, over 100 years to break down. We wanted to make a product that is 100% biodegradable.”- Tim Huff, founder of Colorado Clean ASW. 

After extensive development and testing, Colorado Clean ASW decided to turn to Kickstarter, an international crowd funding platform, to finance the purchase and construction of the machinery  needed to fill the water Amphora’s and gather support from environmental activists. In exchange for pledging, backers of the project receive ‘perks’or ‘rewards’including a sticker with the Colorado Clean logo, a custom beanie to show support, a cases of the specialty water, and more. 

“We are a small Western Colorado water company and have built our certified bottling facility while researching biodegradable & recyclable plastics. We have developed an ‘Amphora’bag in hopes to be 100% Biodegradable in under 1 year. We need your help to build and purchase a custom machine to fill the ‘Amphora’s’ to make them affordable to the public.” — Tim Huff, founder of Colorado Clean ASW.

The project is a part of a growing movement to use environmentally friendly materials in disposable products. Environmental enthusiasts will have until October 3rd to support Colorado Clean ASW in their new initiative and get access to the first-round production of their specialty Colorado spring water. For more information, check out the Kickstarter campaign here or contact the creators below. 

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Company Name: Colorado Clean ASW LLC
Contact Person: Tim Huff
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Phone: 339-203-2841
Country: United States