College Student, Michael Asmeron, Provides a NetFlix Like Solution For College Students

College student, Michael Asmerom announces the launch of fund raising through GofundMe, for his college textbooks renting business idea – Superior Books. Superior Ebooks  helps student gain access to textbooks needed for each semester in an e-format. Students will be able to save hundreds of dollars, gaining access to multiple books in a variety of courses and fields, all easily accessible through e-books on their tablet, cell phone and computer.

College students pay tons of money on college textbook which will be wasted after each passing semester. Students are always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative to buy books, saving hundreds of dollars.

The superior Ebook platform brings the much needed solution. It provides textbooks to students just at a cheap monthly subscription, helping them save hundreds of dollars. This business idea has a huge potential to grow into a multi-billion dollar company due to its value proposition and available market.

As a college senior, I understand the tricky spot most college students find themselves in when it comes to tuition and book fees. Why are college course books so expensive? And what are you supposed to do with all those books once you’re done with your courses? Sure, you can try to sell them to another student, but chances are they’ll need a different edition than the one you’re trying to unload!” Says Michael Asmerom

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He says further, “I am raising support for this idea on GoFundme. Superior Ebooks is a solution providing idea that will keep expanding due to the ever increasing and available market. You can be a part of this success story by making donations via GoFundme.

This is a revolutionary business idea, basically trying to do what iTunes did for apple, What Netflix did for movies. Superior EBooksSuperior EBooks is trying to transition that same concept for Textbooks! Backer are needed be a part of history and help make Superior Ebooks a success.

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