Coco (Confidence Coin) Pioneers Government Friendly Blockchain, Crypto Check and Massive Transaction DTP Network

Jersey City, NJ – June 6, 2018 – A new and revolutionary blockchain technology is trying to change the future course of the crypto world. Coco (Confidence Coin) is a patent pending, decentralized trusted party (DTP) that will offer automated smart contracts and a royal network with limitless applications across the industries, be it for selling subscriptions, paying rent or sharing revenue with partners.

Coco is the first platform that will enable massive, unlimited and instant micro and macro transactions. It will also create the first “crypto check”, a transaction that is to be executed in the future. On top of this, Coco will be a government friendly cryptocurrency and platform, allowing organizations to act as trusted parties for processing payments. Coco coins are available in three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The total supply of Coco coins is limited to 100 million.

Coco can be used to create a DTP, a wallet trusted by other wallets, and which acts as a bank or credit card to perform transactions. Users can create multiple wallets, all connected by trust to one DTP at a time. The DTP transactions remain private, and a DTP’s obligation is to only periodically reveal wallet balances to ensure transparency to users.

Use cases of DTP cut across sectors and industries. Merchants and customers can trust a single DTP and perform instant transactions using physical cards or a smart phone app, with no fees attached. Coco will ensure that DTPs provide periodical proof of balance to their users. DTP will allow for instant transactions with websites too, including trading between fiat and Confidence Coin.

Automated smart contract is yet another great feature of Coco. It lets merchants create deals and automated payments, and users can access their offers and contract terms and pay using the Coco wallet. This is a convenient way to create subscription packages using automated smart contracts, including ‘first free month’ schemes and monthly payments. Coco smart contracts can be similarly used to access rent lease agreements and make payments, or share revenue with business partners whenever sales take place.

Coco is in the third step of its development. Coco Alpha release is planned by the end of this year. It will include a single Pool with Android and Windows Wallet clients that will be publicly accessible. Coco Beta release will take place after Alpha. New Pools will be allowed to join Coco,” says Ilya Gazman, developer of Coco.

The Coco Royal network is super fast, and unlike other cryptocurrencies that are constrained by smaller block sizes, it can utilize very large, gigabyte sized blocks since it works with a limited set of 200 peers selected by a decentralized process, ensuring that only the best peers become part of Coco. While with other cryptocurrencies there is only one blockchain based method of transaction, Coco also allows for direct transactions over blockchain as well as through the DTP.

Coco is also unique in that, unlike totally anonymous cryptocurrency payments, transactions over DTP are similar to those made through conventional credit card platforms or banks, with transaction data open for government scrutiny. This allows Coco to facilitate governments in protecting the community from money laundering, market manipulation and other fraudulent and/or illegal activities. Coco also comprises a leadership organization, supported by 1% rewards from each mined block, for further developing the platform, legalities for IRS compatibility, and for promoting Coco worldwide.

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