Clothes For Charity Helps Donate Clothes to Homeless Through a Fail Proof, Secure Process

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Clothes For Charity offers a secure way to donate clothes to the homeless online for over 100 good causes.

Clothes For Charity, the UK-based national collection scheme, is offering people a safe and trustworthy way to donate clothes to the homeless online. They guarantee a secure way of donating clothes which involves a smart technology by which you can actually track your donations right up to your chosen cause.

“We are aware of the cynicism among people when it comes to donating clothes for charitable causes,” says the spokesperson for Clothes For Charity, highlighting the distrust among people when it comes to donating clothes to lesser known agencies. “Clothes For Charity has successfully removed this element of distrust by offering a transparent and secure way of donating clothes. What’s more, we use the latest technology which allows you to track your donations till they are delivered to your nominated charity.”

Clothes For Charity services can be used by people to recycle clothes by donating to those causes that don’t have facilities for textile recycling, charity bins, or even charity shops. Donors simply have to choose a cause or nominate a charity of their choice and request a donation bag to set the ball rolling. Donors don’t have to worry about the conventional risk factors associated with donating clothes online to charity when they do it through Clothes For Charity.

There are many other reasons why people prefer Clothes For Charity to donate their old clothes. A donation through this reliable collection scheme is not only secure, but easy and fairly quick as well. Also, they help create almost three times more money for a charity than other collection agencies. Clothes For Charity pays £200 for every tonne of clothes collected as compared to the paltry £70 that other charity door collection schemes offer.

Clothes For Charity has associations with the leading charities in the UK. These include Action for Kids, Brendon Care, Cancer Recovery, Child Life, Centre Point, Child Soldiers, One Kind, LIAM, National Animal Welfare Trust and many others. Donors must note that the charity bag must have clothes that weigh at least 15 kg to cover the organizations overhead and other operational costs.

To be able to donate clothes to their favourite charity, donors must ensure that the clothes are clean, wearable, and in good condition. They can post details of collection date and the location from where these have to be collected on the website of Clothes For Charity. An optional SMS can be requested by the donors to ensure the process is carried out smoothly and without hassles.

About Clothes for Charity:

Clothes For Charity is an organisation that provides a secure way of donating clothes for your favourite charity. The donation can be tracked to the delivered destination. The organization has created a technologically advanced and failsafe process that completely eliminates the usual risks that are a part of donating clothes online. Your chosen charity will benefit more as they even offer more cash per tonne than others.

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