Clinica Unibe Hospital in Costa Rica has Added a New Wing with State-of-the-Art Features

The new reception area at Clinica Unibe reflects the spaciousness and tropical atmosphere of Costa Rica.
Unibe Hospital in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, announces the completion of their new wing filled with cutting-edge technology and expanded patient services. Their state-of-the-art healthcare is available to USA-residents, and Unibe is proud that their quality of care is at least comparable to hospitals in the USA, and in some respects is even better.

(Press release written by Richard Jordan, PR Coordinator at DentaRica, LLC)

Clemmons, NC — Clinica Unibe Hospital in Costa Rica has added a new wing to expand their existing facilities. This addition is part of their efforts to build confidence with the USA markets, served by their USA-based partner NC Medical Travel located in Clemmons, NC. It is also a part of their commitment to their community in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Unibe Hospital primarily serves the local Costa Rican people via the national healthcare system. USA patients bring additional funds which make state-of-the-art services easier to provide.

Healthcare in Costa Rica is done quite differently than in the USA, and tends to be much more safe. That surprises many people who have the notion that Costa Rica is a so-called Third World country. For one, the normal healthcare in Costa Rican hospitals includes an excellent nurse-to-patient ratio. It requires no convincing that more nurses per patient, more attention per patient, is a very good thing. Recently, NC Medical Travel (internationally known as DentaRica) interviewed Dr. Luis Wachong of Unibe about this subject: “For surgical patients, two nurse for one patient. In terms of hospitalization 1/1, [and] in terms of observation 0.6 nurse for patient.” No normal hospital in the USA even comes close to that level of attention.

Further, the doctors and surgeons are often trained in the U.S. and Europe and receive international certifications. Some even have credentials from high-profile U.S.-based organizations, such as the American Medical Association, American Pediatric Association, or American Dental Association.

According to Dr. Wachong, the new building is 7000 sq feet and includes a new area with eight rooms and seven new doctors’ offices. They have installed a new state-of-the-art CAT scan machine (80 slices and 160 per software) which will allow high-quality endoscopic and cardiac procedures outside of the surgery rooms.

Costa Rica in general has a national policy of sustainability and renewable resources. In Costa Rica, it is even legally problematic to build with raw lumber! To correspond with this attitude, Unibe Hospital’s new wing boasts the biggest solar panels in all of Central America for a single building.

Additional details include 40 new parking spaces and new landscaping.

How does a US resident get to Costa Rica for treatment? Getting to Unibe Hosptial is actually pretty easy using the services of DentaRica Travel, LLC (aka NC Medical Travel). One call or e-mail to their office in North Carolina, USA, and they will happily begin making arrangements. NC Medical Travel makes sure you have a trip that meets your expectations. They find their patients the best doctors at the best hospitals for your needs. They even make sure you stay in the best hotels for your budget. Without the experience and expertise of DentaRica, many medical travelers would merely be “rolling the dice” and with lives at stake, gambling is not recommended.

With a mere 2.5 hour flight, and a round-trip airline ticket as low as $200, Clinica Unibe Hospital is a lot more accessible than most people think.

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DentaRica (also known as NC Medical Travel) is a USA-based company with an open-to-the-public office in Clemmons, NC. They make medical travel convenient and much safer than unaided medical tourism through various means, including finding trustworthy Costa Rican partners, performing background checks on these partners, setting up appointments, answering questions from USA residents, and when needed guiding their guests personally.
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About Unibe Hospital:

Clinica Unibe is a hospital located in sunny Costa Rica, in the capital city, San Jose. Their facility has all the required Costa Rican Ministry of Health permits, plus they have had the AAAASF accreditation since 2010. Unibe Hospital was the first such facility in Costa Rica to receive the honor of AAAASF accreditation.
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